Are you a Schemer?. If you’re not!, now it’s time to become a Schemer. Schemer – an activity recommendation engine, is a new service by Google. Google has launched Schemer into invite-only private beta on Thursday. Schemer introduced itself as a tool for helping people to discover, schedule and share things based on variety of factors, including their location, interests and past activities.

This engine will be integrated with Google+ accounts, so users can search, save and invite friends to join their schemes. Individuals are more likely to see activities their friends are involved in at nearby locations. The engine will also learn what kinds of activities users are more attracted to over time

Schemer is not public now. You can request an invitation to the beta here. Schemer has partnered with some well-known organizations like LifeHacker, National Geographic, the U.S. Department of the Interior and Google’s own Zagat.