Justhost is among the small group of web-hosting companies that offers both fast and reliable hosting services at affordable prices. This is notable because often with hosting companies; it’s an either or scenario. i.e. Either you get fast and reliable services at premium pricing or you get affordable pricing and slow hosting services. But again Justhost web hosting can be ordered cheaper – without sacrificing quality.

When you consider the number of web hosting plans and related services that they offer, Justhost offersa several features that more than warrant a serious look at their service offerings. Among these features include offering users a free domain, as well as the ability to transfer your domain – for free. Additionally, they offer the ability to transfer an unlimited number of domains using their cPanel platform.

This makes managing multiple accounts on a single server a very simple process. Additionally, when you choose Justhost you get the best of both worlds in that you gain access to Justhost’s own suite of tools; but you also get the benefit of being able to use the control panel. Together you have all that you need to easily manage your websites like a pro!

The Justhost Coupon Promotional

The Justhost coupon system was started as a tool for spreading and marketing their business by periodically offering reduced rates to individuals who receive the coupon codes. The Justhost coupon system gives the customer a discount code that you can use when purchasing a hosting plan to get a substantialdiscount. The discount is usually between 20 to 45 percent off of their normal rate.

To get the Justhost coupon code, you must first visit the Justhost website or the buy-host website to choose your coupon. After signing up, you receivea coupon code from the website and enter it in the coupon code area. After completing all of the required information, the discount is initiated and you get a portion of your hosting fee reduced by the amount of the discount.

Justhost Web Hosting Plans

Just like most web hosting companies, Justhost offers hosting services for individuals and businesses. In both cases, they offer affordable hosting services that offer all that is required to build and maintain your website. They offer the JustPlan hosting plan for individuals and Justhost reseller hosting plan for businesses.

The JustPlan hosting plan costs $2.50 per month. It offers all the essential features such as; free domain, free site builders, instant setup, unlimited email accounts and file transfers, 24/7 live support assistance, site statistics, Linux operating system and anytime money back guarantee among others.

The Justhost reseller-hosting plan for businesses is divided into three categories; silver, gold and platinum. The silver plan costs $19.95 per month and offers; 100 GB disk space, 15 Mbps transfer speed, free domain, unlimited accounts and money back guarantee.

The gold plan costs $49.95 per month and offers 250GB disk space, free domain, unlimited accounts; 25Mbps transfer speed and anytime money back guarantee. The bottom line is that with web hosting from Justhost, saving money just got a whole lot easier!