Your branding plays a crucial role in establishing your business, and trademarks ensure that you can legally protect your identity. However, trademark law is complex, and people often have trouble understanding what they can trademark and how to register a trademark. Trademarks are further complicated in the technology field. Here are a few tips to remember when applying for a technology trademark.

Do Your Research

The first step to filing for a trademark is to ensure that the name is unique. This is often easier said than done, as the sheer number of trademarks filed over the years means even seemingly obscure names might be unavailable. Fortunately, the US government hosts a database of trademarks online, and this search engine offers advanced features to help you check your desired word. Make sure to search for alternative spellings, which can cause conflicts.

Define Your Field

Trademarks only apply to certain domains, so names might be available even if they’re used by entities in different fields. However, the term “technology” complicates matters because so many companies now use computers and other electronics to some extent. Make sure your application mentions the field in which your trademark will be used precisely as submitting an application that’s too broad can lead to a rejection.

Remember Your Logo and Domain

Many companies trademark their name and the names of products, but some fail to trademark their logos and other design elements. Logos are especially difficult to research, as there’s no real way to find a logo in a search engine. Expert help and research might be necessary to ensure your logo can be trademarked. You’ll also want to trademark your domain name, as doing so gives you a means to shut down predatory websites that try to hijack your website traffic.

Bring Aboard Experts

While people who do their own research can often do much of the work involved in applying for a trademark, it’s easy to make small mistakes that can lead to an application being rejected. Legal advice can be tremendously helpful, even if it’s just to check out the application before it’s submitted. Whether you want to have experts complete the entire process for you or are just looking for a second set of eyes, professionals like those found at Carter West can help.

Trademarks are essential for protecting businesses, but the process of applying for trademarks can be complex. Fortunately, help is available, and the total costs involved are typically worth the benefits trademark protection provides.