Every business takes care of its customers. Whatever the nature of service of your business, support for the customers is a number one priority that must be taken care of. So the lines like, 24 hours, 7 days a week, excellent customer service, are words that can easily come to mind. For example, a progressive company that has many branches in many areas would definitely like to make sure the consumers or customers needs are taken care of. These days, the trend of outsourcing has become a cost-effective solution to customer service issues. Creating a virtual customer service office in international places has boomed in the recent years and it seems that there’s no slowing down.

Commonly these days, call centers have been in use to cater the needs of customers to make sure the needs of consumers are taken care of. One can setup an office with about 250 people in one office, and it can be situated in different places to make sure there is no downtime and service is readily available. The meaning of the words customer service, 24/7 support, and then comes to its true form. One way that this solution saves cost is outsourcing in other countries where a lesser amount of money can be paid. It may seem ironic to do that knowing that international calls and long distance rates would definitely apply, if not to the caller, then your company. In first thought, yes it does look like that. But with the advancement of technology where cloud telephony is possible, usage of VoIP and IP phones becomes a great solution to call rates problems. In a business of about 250 people, business VoIP has become a great solution. What is the advantage of IP telephony to business in this kind service?

Advantages of IP Telephony

There are many advantages of using IP telephony. Since IP telephony allows both voice and data to be readily available en masse using the VoIp (voice over internet protocol) solution, then the cost for long-distance calling is greatly minimized. With cloud telephony, you will be able to improve agent efficiency since most business VoIP these days offer features like screen pop, skill routing, sticky agents, scripts. This way, if your agents are handling like 100 calls each day, it will be easy to improve their performance level and increase it to having 200 calls per day with cloud telephony for business Voip. Another advantage of IP telephony is that your call center can provide for different language-callers. So whether the customer needing help is Hispanic, English or uses another language, it will be easy to cater to their needs if you setup a language group and with IP phones, it will be easy to transfer these callers to a certain agent. If your office does outbound calls, IP telephony can easily work since VoIP automatically route your call to the cheapest line or carrier available so that’s money savings for your business. Definitely, IP telephony can improve the efficiency of your call center, optimize the operations and thus increase the customer satisfaction.