As you may just know the iPad is already gaining popularity as a preferred option to the laptop and possibly other types of tablet computers, with many praising it for one feature or the other. It is in the light of this reality that many schools are paying particular attention to the use of this tool and its applications as a means of providing education for their students. And, even as the iPad’s popularity grows, its use in schools is growing as well, with many applications being developed to help students make use of this device. Now below are some online resources that provide useful information about great iPad applications that are free.

Apple’s iPad education resources

As a responsible and responsive organization it is not surprising that Apple the manufacturer of iPad has come up with pages on its website reserved for education applications. Some of these applications are at least free. An example of such application is the iTunes U. This application provides access to free online education content that is made available by leading institutions.

iPad educators (Ning network)

This is an important website for helping out regarding the use of iPads in schools. And, this social network site has multiple resources arranged into discussion groups, blogs and much more. Sam Glicksman created it and it is exclusively dedicated to addressing the theme: iPads in education.

The blog for applications in education

On your first visit to Apps in Education blog you may probably get the feeling that this site is meant strictly for little kids. You are not far from the truth as Reg Swanson who runs this blog has published several insightful and helpful content regarding paid-for and free applications meant for teaching as well as learning. The blog in question is organized in such a way that content is grouped under different academic subject-areas, with the links to such groupings placed at the top-hand position of the site’s web page.

iPad in Schools

iPad in Schools is a blog site that was created by Michael Kaufman. And, on the top-hand corner of this website, which is also a resource listing you have links to different categories of applications for different schools. This includes links to applications for elementary schools, middle schools as well as college in texas. The list of resources available here includes free applications.

iPad Curriculum

iPad Curriculum, the unique feature that this WordPress blog site has is its ability to search for content making use of drop-down selector categories that it provides. There are seven of these selectors and from the bottom up they include categories such as subject, student reviewed apps, price, news, grade level, device and finally blooms taxonomy. Under subject you have items such as art; geography and math just to mention a few, while under grade level there are options from middle school way up to college.

The iPadagogy Channel on YouTube

The last, but not the least of the resources that will provide you with useful information regarding great education applications for iPad is this YouTube channel. This might just be the only site with videos that give this kind of information. With this, you may not need to carry out a search on any search-engine or YouTube itself.