New mobile phones are hitting the market everyday and it can be tempting to rush out to purchase the latest and greatest whenever possible. Here are some things you should consider before settling on purchasing a new phone, and which type of phone you should pick:

Upgrade Eligibility/Price

Just because a new phone you want has been released doesn’t mean it’s the best time to purchase it. If you aren’t eligible for an upgrade with your carrier you will end up paying hundreds of dollars more which may not fit into your budget. Also take a look at when the phone was released. If it’s been around for 6-12 months you may be able to find a sale or price reduction within a month or two. If you are looking for an iPhone 5, for example, you can wait until right before the iPhone 6 is released to save as much money as possible. Sell your broken iPhone or outdated smartphone to earn some extra cash and afford the upgrade you want.


When you purchase a brand new phone at a discount using your upgrade, you are typically entered into a new two-year contract with your mobile provider. You can exit these contracts but there will be a hefty termination fee. Before upgrading your phone take the opportunity to survey your current service and if you are happy with the service you receive from them. Check other providers available to you and see if you would save money on any plans they offer. Once you upgrade, it will be another two years before you may exit freely, so taking a couple extra minutes to confirm your provider is the best fit is time well spent.

Operating System

Each mobile operating system has it’s strengths and weaknesses, and you should target a particular operating system depending on how you plan on using your phone. Apple’s operating system integrates very well with iTunes and provides the largest selection of apps. Android is easy to use and integrates easily with most Google applications. BlackBerry is made especially for business users and Windows Phones are made for an easy user experience and to interface easily with other Windows devices.

Design and Style

The physical design of a phone is often overlooked, but incredibly important. Choosing a phone that is too large can make it cumbersome to carry around, but picking a phone that is too small may make it hard to view webpages and documents. You will also need to decide if you prefer touchscreen or physical keyboards, although more and more phones are now utilizing only touchscreens.

Technical Features

System specs like RAM, processor, memory, and camera megapixels will tell the story of how powerful your new phone is. If you are going to be using powerful applications or browsing resource-intensive websites, you will want a phone with lots of RAM and a powerful processor. If you plan on storing lots of music and videos, you will need a phone with a lot of memory, or the option to utilize external memory cards. As a photographer or hobbyist that a lot of high-quality pictures with your phone ,you should look for one with a higher amount of megapixels.

Look At Future Releases

Make sure to do some research and see what’s coming out in the near future. See if a new phone is coming out in the next couple months that is a better option than the phone you are considering at the moment. You should especially check to see if a new version of your phone is coming out. You don’t want to be stuck with the 3.0 version of a phone when the 4.0 version is coming out only two weeks later.

Buying a new mobile phone is very exciting and you should take advantage of the advanced in technology being made every year. Make sure to take your time to do some research and you will be enjoying the perfect phone for you in no time.