Is your cell phone kept on hand just in case you need it or are you a bit more attached to it? The truth is cell phones control the lives of many people. Whether it’s the constant need to send text messages or the inability to let a phone go unanswered, the truth is your cell phone may be controlling your life. Here are just a few things to take note of when it comes to your cell phone use.

What Happens If You Leave It at Home?

Do you get slightly irritated when you leave your cell phone at home or do you panic? If you find it impossible to go without your cell phone, it may be controlling your life. While a cell phone is handy to have and can even be used to complete business tasks, it shouldn’t cause a sense of panic when forgotten. If you find that you can’t function without your cell phone, you may be relying on it too much. Remember, cell phones get lost. That’s why it pays to be able to handle responsibilities without one.

Do You Answer It No Matter What?

Are you the type to turn off your cell phone in a restaurant or do you leave it on and answer it, no matter who you’re with? Does your girlfriend look at you in disgust when you answer the phone during an important conversation – or something even more intimate? If you find that you can’t go without answering your phone, even if it’s impolite to do so, it may be controlling you. Just because a cell phone makes you accessible 24 hours a day, doesn’t mean you have to be accessible. Live your life and turn off your phone once in a while.

How Much Time Do You Spend on Your Phone?

Do you find yourself charging your phone every night? Are you constantly playing games, chatting away with friends and sending more texts than your plan allows? Do you even keep your phone by the bed so you can answer texts in the middle of the night? Then your phone is definitely controlling your life.

Cell phones offer an easy way to stay connected with the world. However, that doesn’t mean you need to be accessible at all times. Take time to live your life and let voicemail handle your calls. More importantly, learn to live without your cell phone so that should you ever lose it, you’ll know how to get by without it.