Extracting the most benefit from your IT investment can’t happen without a clear understanding of your full complement of hardware and software assets. Obtaining a high level of visibility and control over your IT assets requires a high level of organizational thinking. Fortunately, there are tools available on the market to help you better organize and manage all your IT-related tasks. By taking the time to review the following IT asset management resources, you can begin to reap the full benefit of the value that they promise.

BYOD Management Tools

Mobile device management systems empower businesses by helping them address the many challenges associated with employees who access enterprise networks using their own personal mobile devices. A rapidly growing industry trend known as “BYOD” (bring your own device) has inspired legions of corporate employees to use their personal mobile devices to connect to their employer’s IT networks.

Today’s BYOD management tools enable further mobility (and productivity) of company personnel by providing a secure and efficient means of managing all of the devices that handshake with the enterprise network.

Asset Management Tools

Tracking relationship dependencies remains the key to making sure your hardware and software assets work together in harmony. Effective asset management tools make it simple to analyze and assess the influences your hardware and software assets have on each other. You can optimize your investment in software by relying upon asset management tools such as those provided by the LANDESK organization, a Salt Lake City-based provider of systems designed to reduce IT complexities and the associated costs to business.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things” has become a reality in the corporate world. Owning to an emergent trend toward “smart cities,” a new generation of smart objects (“things“) have entered into the marketplace that endeavor to deliver altogether new services. These services range from automatic reordering and replenishment of your refrigerator’s contents, to the management of the climate and environmental controls of your home.

According to the online version of the ERCIM News, the growth of the Internet of Things can be compared with the growth of the automobile industry during the beginning of the previous century. ERCIM News is the official periodical (magazine) of the European Community. Its mandate is to inform readers about Information Technology issues important to ERCIM partners. The magazine provides partners with a forum in which they can exchange information about European-based IT matters.

Remote Support Solutions

Cost increases in the realm of technical support are putting pressure on IT manager’s budgets. In certain cases, budgets cannot absorb further cost increases. By relying on outside contractors for technical support, organizations are saving money on healthcare and other benefits options. In many cases, companies can find the money to make needed technology investments but they run into trouble financing all of the support they need to run this new technology.

Functioning without IT support is not an option for most organizations. Since much of the today’s network technologies are delivered via cloud hosting and virtual servers anyway, it may be wise to seek relatively inexpensive and outsourced technical support to help solve these budget issues.

There are but a few standard methodologies one can use to organize an IT department. A central consideration one needs to think about is whether to set up a centralized or decentralized IT department. The correct choice for you depends on many factors. These include the size of your organization, your corporate culture, how widespread your network is in geographic terms, and the type of business you run. However you decide to organize, you need to invest the time and resources necessary to obtain the highest return on your IT investments.