The ability to stand out from the pack is what helps people land coveted management positions. Fortunately, the road map to successfully landing an IT management position isn’t that difficult if you learn how to showcase your skills. Here are just a few ways you can make yourself look better in the eyes of the company you work for.

Take Charge

Perhaps the best way to become a manager in title is to first be one without the title. What this means is that you should be the unspoken leader of your team when it comes time to do an IT project. How do you accomplish this? First, you have to know the project inside and out. Figure out the best solutions to problems. A good leader sees potential problems before others do. Second, be assertive. When you come up with ideas, tell other members of your team about your ideas. If you’re wrong, admit it. If you’re right, don’t brag. Move on. People will know what you accomplished without you going on about it. Lastly, make sure your project gets done before the deadline. Managing time is the key to being a good manager. People in charge will take note of your leadership ability. This is an excellent way to move up the ladder in-house.

Get More Education

Getting an advanced degrees or certificates of qualification are an excellent way to show that you have the dedication and knowledge to hold an IT management position. Pursuing a NJIT technology MBA will get you on the right path to an education that will be valued throughout the industry. Although it is possible to obtain a management position without an advanced degree, it is by far much more difficult to do. The good news about getting more education is that many employers will offer to pay for it. They see it as an investment in their employees and many offer reimbursement for night classes or certifications that will make you a better employee.

Projects Outside Work

Showing that you have lead projects outside of work can help make you stand out as a management candidate. For example, if you organized and lead a development team that created a great open source project, you could use that to show that you have what it takes to manage others.

Use the Power of Networking

Networking is where it is at if you want to advance in IT. If you build a large enough professional network, someone is bound to notice your qualifications and talents. Furthermore, a good number of positions are never posted. People find out about them through networking.

Pursuing a management position in IT can be difficult at times but it certainly pays off in the long run. With this kind of experience you will look great to your current company and ensure your job for years to come.