Marketing any product or service is the key to survival in this market where things have become highly competitive. But many a times, you may not actually come with the kind of results you were expecting. So you have to promote the product to new levels.

Nowadays you may promote your services and products online but do take care of the fact that nowadays people use a lot of devices. Some use their PCs, some laptops, some on the phones while many others make use of tablets. So while making any promotional matter, care should be taken that it can be easily viewed through all these devices.

The biggest change in this field was brought by the responsive design. This design is smart in itself and can be used for marketing. The fact that this design allows the resizing of the page as per the specifications of the screen makes it quite a favorite in the market. The key thing used in this type of pages is the CSS media query. This enables in determining the width and such other parameters of the screen being used.

Once this is carried out, the specific style codes of the particular browser allows design elements to fit to the screen size. But having the email team work on this matter and to come out with a solution is not a simple matter and will involve quite an investment. But if your clients are not checking out the mail on their phones or tablets, it will really not be worth it.

Once this part is figured out, one should not waste much time and get to the drawing board with the designing. If you look at the most successful names in this filed for inspiration you will find some useful tips which will include:

  • Make sure that single column design is being used.
  • Keep the whole design based on the touch facility. Use small boxes and links in such a way that they can be easily accessed by a simple touch of the thumb.
  • Make sure that the subject line is quite short so that the content will not be pushed down. Nobody likes to scroll too down on a device.
  • Make sure that the call-to-action buttons are on the top left so that the most important contents of your message or email will be seen clearly on all devices.

The subject of shifting towards a responsive design has been a very frequently asked question and many have juggled the idea for too long. Several studies too have been conducted in this direction. All of them show that with time and increased engagement, the design will show more desired productivity.

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    Samrat Bhattacharya says: Posted on Aug 16, 2013 at 4:33 pm |

    Hi Allyson,
    Thanks for such a helpful and interesting post.Nowadays, to attract the audiences and to make your website highly optimized,we should opt for responsive web design and development.I appreciate you for your sharing these tips.