Being in the list of most used content management system (CMS), Joomla is known for its versatility and effective features. It can be used by any small and medium sized business enterprises. It is loaded with several attributes and with its functionality; it stands out in the open source content management systems.

Joomla has SEO friendly features, with available extensions. If you install these extensions and use them properly, your website will get a good ranking in Google pages. Additionally, Joomla provides simple website creation framework with dynamic content database features. This web framework also provides multiple levels of content accessibility. Thus, it makes the navigation easy for the user.

Know how to optimize your website in Joomla:

Free source code

Since Joomla is developed with open source software, it is completely free for both personal and official usages. As the source codes are readily available in the extension segment, you don’t need to worry about difficult coding and viruses. You can just download the required source code, paste it in your content and modify it according to your needs.


This is the most used extension in this platform. Sending newsletters to customers was never so easy. It is just one click away. You need to install the extension, input the customer data and set a time. The newsletter will be delivered as a promotional email, according to the customer list. However, you cannot differentiate the data in this extension and sometimes it may also land up in spam. To avoid these types of nuances you can go for bulk email marketing services in Mumbai.

Real time Menus

Joomla menus, plug-in and extensions are made in real time. This means that listed items can be removed or added by using a standardized text editor. Text editing can be done with notepad, in the Joomla editor. As soon as you make the changes, it automatically synchronizes itself with the cache management. Therefore, it gets easily reflected in the front end of the website.

RSS Feeds

Commonly known as Really Simple Syndication, it is used often by most of the website owners. It helps the user to freshen the website content continuously, without updating any contents. These feeds are used by web giants like MSN, Yahoo news, Times News etc. Install this and your website will never run out of traffic. 

Title maker

This extension is widely used by bloggers to create viral post. Title maker is used for creating eye-catching and attractive headlines. Half of your work is done, if a user comes to your content after reading the title.

Content maker

This extension will suggest you the most searched and readable content, according to the particular period of time. Content maker will also give you support in content development. The in-built language checker is an added advantage. Additionally, it will also show you how good and optimized your contents are.

Meta tags

Meta tags are those few lines that show up under each website URL. This extension will select the target words from your content and give you the best suggestions. Do you know that Meta description is one of the most important features in SEO? Therefore, don’t neglect it, when you post the final content.

Most servers support PHP. Joomla can be easily installed on servers which run on PHP. It is a single click process. This makes it easy for anyone to use it. However, if you are using Joomla for shopping cart, you need it in PHP as well. Needless to say, all content must be in sync for proper SEO. However, if you need any sort of help, you can always contact the toll free number of their service community.