Tadoba National Park is your gateway to wild fun and adventure. It is the perfect place for adventure buffs and wildlife aficionados. Step into the land of tigers and you will experience the fascinating beauty of this rich wildlife area.

The location

Tadoba National Park is located in the state of Maharashtra. It is closest to Nagpur and located in the Chandrapur District. Popularly known as Jewel of Vidarbha, Tadoba is considered to be the largest wildlife sanctuary in the state of Maharashtra.  The total area of the National Park is 1727 sq km. The place experiences the southern tropical dry deciduous climactic condition. Here, you will find several wildlife species like, barking deer, neelgai, chital, tiger, sambar, chausinga, Indian bison, wild boar, leopard, sloth bear and wild dogs. The place is well maintained and enjoys strong tourist presence due to rich wildlife. It is an offbeat destination for travelers. If you have a strong knack for wildlife and greenery, the place is definitely going to cater to your interests.

When to visit

The best time to visit Tadoba National Park is from mid-November to early-March. Since the place enjoys a tropical climate, it can be best visited during the winter season. But, if you are planning to visit this sanctuary to site tigers, the best time are the months of April and May. These two months are hottest and as a result, you may often site a tiger drinking water from the streams passing by. If you are addicted to greenery, the best time to visit is post monsoon when the sanctuary becomes lush green and is filled with different flowers.

The safari timing


Private vehicles are strictly not allowed inside the Tadoba National Park without prior reservation and permission. The forest department’s vehicles are available to conduct the safari. If you are taking permission for private vehicles, you need to hire a forest guide as per the rules.  Safari tours are conducted two times a day: Morning (6am to 10 am) and afternoon (3pm to 6pm).

The accommodation options

There are a plethora of Tadoba accommodation options available when you visit the wildlife reserve. Presently, the forest department has opened several high quality hotels and lodges for the tourists to ensure high-quality stay at affordable rates. There are also private resorts available in different areas of the national park. The Maharashtra government’s tourism lodges are available at Moharli. There are dormitories available for bigger groups. If you want to feel the beauty of nature, go for the Eco-huts. They are best budget accommodation options, offering the perfect feel of nature.

Other places of attraction located nearby


Tadoba is surrounded by beautiful and serene natural landscapes. There are also some historical locations and temples located within close proximity of the national park. Some of the most notable attractions include Shiv Mandir, St. Michale Church, Urjanagar Lake, Ayappa Temple, Tadoba Lake, DurgaMaa Temple and Sankatmochan Hanuman Mandir.  Travelers can also find lots of marketplace and entertainment zones at Nagpur, the closest city from the Tadoba National Park.

Tadoba is a beautiful wildlife sanctuary, which promises a rich set of flora and fauna. Stepping into this sanctuary will let your mind move away from the mechanical city life and concrete jungles while making you feel refreshed and energized. Visit Tadoba during the months of November – December to enjoy the best climactic conditions.