Keeping your business organized is essential for effective time management and business operation. There are multiple applications that you can use to keep track of time worked, shared documents and more. These tips can help you to get more organized:


The most widely used app for storing all of your files in one central location, Dropbox can be a busy executive’s best friend. Store all of your contracts, photos and time sheets and share your files with selected people in your company. Dropbox allows you to store all of your data in the cloud, so you never have to worry about being able to access your files on the go.


This handy application allows you to create short notes and save them for use in your later projects. Whether you are mobile, on Kindle or at your desk, you can save all of your important documents and browse them at your leisure. You can even share your Evernote notes with your team for easy collaboration on multiple projects.

Intuit Payroll

This intuitive business service can help you to keep track of your staff’s hours, time off and project payments. With an easy to use online interface, even the most busy executive can organize his team’s payroll needs quickly and easily.

Rentec Direct

Software from Rentec Direct can help property managers simplify their workflow and grow. It’s important to use an application or service that can help you get organized and handle tasks in one place. From online file management to transactions, it can help you manage workflow better. You can find similar software that is specific to other industries as well.


Stacks of receipts can be maddening. They pile up in your car, find themselves tucked into your folders and get stuffed into your carryon. With Expensify, you can easily scan these receipts and create professional reports that will attach to your specific trip. You can even sync to QuickBooks to easily create expense reports that your office’s accounting department can access, even before you return from your trip.


This online service allows you to create stunning business proposals in a snap. This service will allow you to pull together documents, videos and images for a proposal that will definitely get their attention. Don’t hire an entire graphic design department, simply create your own proposals in a flash.

When it comes to keeping your small business organized with technology, these six apps and services will help you to keep track of all of your important elements so you can focus on growing your business.