The entire process of choosing a domain name for your startup could be a really exasperating experience especially when practically every name you could come up with had already been taken. You would surely be contemplating whether to choose a fantasy domain name or stick to a domain name that would be making sense. There are certain advantages, as well as, disadvantages associated with both the options. It is a good idea to know about them before you choose your domain name.

Literal or Descriptive Name

As suggested by the term, a descriptive or literal domain name would literally describe exactly what a site is all about. For instance Blogger.com, RealEstate.com or dogtraining.com and such domain names clearly describe what the website deals in. There could be several good reasons to prefer this type of domain name over the others and also there could be a few reasons why you should avoid this type of domain name.

The Pros

The greatest advantage of choosing a descriptive domain name is pretty obvious. First of all, it would at once let your consumer understand what your site is actually all about. Secondly, it is easy and convenient for consumers to remember your domain name. So, this would make it possible for consumers to look for your site whenever they are looking for the type of services or products offered by you. Thirdly, it would be enhancing search optimization for your particular site. Lastly, it would require negligible brand marketing because everybody would know looking at your domain name exactly what your business is handling. For instance, shoebusiness.com would leave nothing to your imagination regarding what the site is selling.

The Cons

People opting for the literal or descriptive domain names only focus on the business that they have planned originally. This could pose a bit of a problem when you are thinking in terms of expanding your line of business. For instance, if you take the above shoebusiness.com, it started as a shoe store online. Suppose in future, they think about diversifying and consider selling leather bags and wallets, and then there could be issues. Moreover, often people perceive a literal domain name as unimaginative and boring. You may not want your consumers to associate you with those traits.

Fantasy Name

Fantasy names simply imply names that you create to have a somewhat unique domain name. Just like the literal domain names, fantasy domain names also have certain merits and demerits.

The Pros

The benefit of having a fantasy domain name is that only you would be having such a unique domain name and you would own the name and nobody else could use it and so consumers would not be confusing you with some other business. If you are fortunate, your business may gain immense popularity and your brand name would eventually become a generic name for all those services and products catered by you to the consumers. Think in terms of how Polaroid has become synonymous with Photography. You should always keep track of domains expiring. You would never like to lose a unique domain name.

One more wonderful benefit of having a fantasy domain name is that for once, you would not require worrying about translating your name if you are planning to expand your business globally and promote your business to the global audience. Though English is regarded as a universal language, many people across the world still find it difficult to understand the actual meaning of some English words. You could opt for a fantasy name and yet become quite popular.

The Cons

The greatest drawback of a fantasy domain name could be that it could be really time-consuming, difficult, and slightly expensive to introduce a word that seems new. Consumers would take the time to digest your domain name. Moreover, Google would also, take some time before it figures out exactly what your website actually is all about.


It pays to remember that there exists no such link which could be regarded as the perfect or the best domain name. Whatever kind of domain name chosen by you, there would always be somebody who would not like your choice. However, what is most important is to choose a unique name which could be pronounced easily and which is difficult to forget.