Android development is the segment which comes with the best trends for the developers and they can develop the best apps for Android platform!

Are you an android developer? Do you develop the apps for Android platform?

If the answer to the above question is a yes, then you have come to the right place. Here in this post, you will know about the recent programming language which has hit the market in Android App Development segment.

The all new Kotlin is the latest programming language from the JetBrains, they are also the creators of world’s best IDEs. There is also some kind of searching involved and you have to be settled for it like the programming language which will be trending for another 5 to 10 years in future. It is one of the latest trends in technology for the Android developers. This new language will take the Android app development to the next level and also with ease. The new language will be of great help to solve the challenges that come in source code and also other challenges in Android segment. In this article, you will know more about the Kotlin and how it will be helping the Android app developers around the globe.

This new Android programming language is developed by the JetBrains, even the idea behind IntelliJ. This is also the statically typed language of Android and it is for the modern multiplatform applications. Just after the launch of Kotlin, Android started getting much of the acclamations and also the support for the same Kotlin language and this is being launched apart from C++ and Java.

In the beginning, Android Studio will be getting shipped with the Kotlin just out of the box. It also implies that Android developers are just not required for installing any kind of extra plugins or just get worried about any of the compatibility issues which arise. For server, the language shall be Kotlin/JVM and for desktop, the language will be Kotlin/JS and Kotlin/Native. 

What makes Kotlin far cry from other languages?

#1 Kotlin assemble to JVM bytecode or the JavaScript:

This is not just any language in which you will write the kernel. People take much interest who also works with Java in today’s date and it might also be very attractive for all the programmers who make the usage of garbage which is being collected runtime that also involves people who recently make use of the Scala, Go, Python, JavaScript or Ruby.

#2 Kotlin is the language which just comes from industry:

This is one of the best language which is also meant for solving the problems which the working programmers also face in today’s date. Well, the type system included in the language can also avoid the null pointer exceptions. Even the different research languages can just not have the null at all, but it will just not be advantageous for people who work with larger codebase and also the APIs. Android App Development Company must start using this language for Android app development.

#3 It will not cost you king’s ransom in adopting:

This new Android language has the best feature and it is just open source. You will also see the quality oriented just one click Java to Kotlin conversion and it is done by the tool. The much of focal point is on the compatibility of Java binary. You will also be able to convert the current JAVA project of one file in single time and just all things will be compiled. Well, this is also for the programs which are complex.

#4 All Java frameworks can be used by Kotlin programs:

Kotlin programs also make use of all the Java frameworks and libraries and also the advanced frameworks which just relies on the processing of annotation. In this new developed language, interop is also seamless and does not need any kind of wrappers or adapter layers. This language also gets integrated with the Maven, Gradle and other kind of build systems being included. 

#5 Easy to learn language:

The all new programming language of Android is also approachable and just very simple to learn. The developers will just have to read language reference and they will get to know about this best language for Android development. The syntax involved in this language is also just intuitive and lean. This new language Kotlin is more or less similar to Scala, but it is just very simple. The terseness and readability both can be balanced in good manner.

#6 It also manipulates no runtime overhead:

Even the standard library in this language is just small and tight. This involves the focused extension which is for Java standard library. The more usage of compile time also implies that the constructing of functions such as the pipelines of filter/map/decreasing compile just like the imperative version regarding same kind of code.

#7 Kotlin is very famous with Android app developers:

Being merged with appearance of frameworks such as the Anko and Kovenant, this particular resource light language implies that Kotlin is getting quite popular among the Android developers. Android developers will be feeling over the moon when they use this particular language.

#8 This language has good support from established company:

Kotlin language is developed by JetBrains and this language is just committed for this project. You will also see the laudable and adroit team which works on the Kotlin language. This also has got the stable business structure in it. Kotlin is also the language which will not be getting discarded soon.

#9 Embracing Kotlin does not involve risk:

The icing on cake and the major advantage about the Kotlin language is that the adoption of Kotlin is also just low risk. This language can also just be made trial in small part of code and you will just require the ardent team members just without the damaging of rest of your whole project. Android developers must also note that the Kotlin classes also exports a Java API which just looks same like that of the regular Java code.

#10 This language is apt for enterprise Java shops:

The recent technology trend in the Android development, this language is also the best and worthy for the purpose of enterprise Java shops also. If you are the app developer and work whole day on big Java codebases at the top level companies, then this language usage is must for you.


It will not be wrong to say that this new language will take Mobile App Development to the next level in the IT sector and will be of great help for Android developers worldwide.