Firefox goes back at least ten years created by Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross who began this project within the Mozilla Foundation. He began calling himself Phoenix and soon was changed to Firebird in 2003 and lasted less than a year now since Mozilla decided to change the already known Firefox to avoid confusion with another browser that was also in the market, Firebird Browser.

With the new logical name was also the arrival of a new emblem according to this, opens a new interface, new managers and supplements was gradually coming to Firefox 1 with the code name Phoenix was officially launched on 9 in November 2004. This version did not bring any important developments. With several security updates came to an end and the first version in April 2006.

Few days ago Mozilla released a new Firefox 10.0 Beta for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The latest Firefox Beta includes new built-in developer tools. Now it’s even faster and easier to create and modify your websites using scratchpad and the page and style inspectors. Your Firefox Beta experience is also now smoother as incompatible add-ons are automatically disabled and all other add-ons (except binary add-ons) are compatible by default.

Firefox beta

What’s new for Web developers:

New features for users:

  • Add-ons Compatible by Default
  • Enhanced Firefox Sync

See the full listing of new features: Firefox Beta for Mac Windows and Linux & Android.