Any small business desire is to grow. 2013 has seen small businesses embrace technological trends to boost their income levels and deal with the recurrent issue of survival and competition. This is because adopting these technological trends promise the payoff of lowering the costs and thus ensuring a considerable profit margin that is enough to cater for the expenses, the employees and therefore acting as a contact for income support. However, in almost all of these trends, which are mentioned below, the challenge has been to identify the most effective and the most worthwhile to invest both time and money in.

Social media

With the ever increasing populace of the social media, any smart small business entrepreneur recognizes how they have hugely impacted the business scene. Facebook and Twitter are the most domineering but with emerging ones such as Pinterest and Tumblr there is no disputing their influence on how to operate business. A tech-savvy entrepreneur can benefit by starting a page on these sites and keep content flow to his/her customers so as to stay competitive in the market.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing comes with the benefit of allowing data to exist in a finite location, the “cloud” (internet), meaning, it does not necessarily have to be in a local drive. This implies flexibility in accessing data. For instance, allowing employees to easily store and process client information. It therefore fuels low cost for small business performance though the challenge has been in adoption and transition process. Owing to upgrade, maintenance and monthly inclusion fees, thus dis-interesting most small business operators.

Mobile marketing

Smartphone are the latest fads offering business prospects. A small business entrepreneur can employ them to reach out his/her products and services. They offer avenues for online marketing. The hassle, however, has been attempts to come up with mobile friendly websites and to manage the applications running on these sites. Online mobile marketing on GPS sensitive Smartphones, which can direct a customer to products or services, proves that if well exploited, mobile marketing can reap huge dividends for the small business entrepreneur.


Explosion of such gadgets as laptops, Iphones, Ipads, and tablets has changed how to conduct business. Such trends can be adopted by a small business entrepreneur to allow mobility of the workforce. This is because they can work virtually from anywhere thus cutting off extra expenses. Fueled by the fact that these gadgets work at high speeds, are highly efficient and with high effectiveness adds more as to why any smart business entrepreneur should adopt them.

New methods of payment

Usually, most small businesses operate by collecting cash from their customers. This can prove highly demanding. With all these new mobile payment methods springing up, for example In tuit. A small entrepreneur can thus effectively run the business easing the pain which is associated with collecting cash.

As it has been seen, economy has been a key aspect affecting small-based businesses. The entrepreneur can thus aim to identify the best trend to adopt for maximum gains and to remain a force in the market