Magento can be considered as a search engine friendly e-commerce platform. The website admin needs to know few important things to make his store’s visibility increase on the Internet. You can learn reviews of top web companies – nywebdevelopment.com to understand their search engine optimization techniques specially implemented for their Magento store. Now, let us discuss some of them.

Clean and Prominent URL:

You are required to be aware that your URL is very distinct and clear. It must be related to your products and legible to the readers. If you want to simplify your URL through Magento, you can go to the option ‘system’ then select ‘configuration’, after that select ‘web’ and then finally choose the ‘search engine optimization’ function. If you want to keep away from the store codes getting added in your URL, you should select the option ‘No’ to the ‘Add store code to URLs’ from the ‘URL options’. If you want to remove index.php from your URL, select ‘Yes’ to ‘Server URL Rewrites’ from ‘Search Engine Optimization’.

Index by Search Engine:

Allow all the search engines to index your sites. You can click the option ‘system’ then ‘configuration’, after that ‘design’ and finally select HTML heads. You can modify the ‘Default Robot’ option to ‘INDEX FOLLOW’. For adding no-follow specific con-content pages, you can try the free extension from Magento namely Yoast metarobots.


It is not advisable that you use the same Meta data in all the pages. The default Meta data must be updated from the store. The specific product pages may contain the specific Meta data. If you can include Meta description to the relevant pages, the users will surely follow your link. You can take entry into the admin panel and set up the general rules for the entire site. The description must be short and crisp with the relevant keywords included within. All the files are required to be labeled properly. For example, the image file with .jpg extension with the alt tags properly inserted.

Remove Duplicate Content:

If any duplicate content exists in your site, you need to remove them without any hesitation. You can travel through the path System > configuration > catalog > search engine optimization and then select ‘No’ to the ‘Use Categories Path for Product URLs’.

XML Sitemap:

You are required to generate the Google XML sitemap for your Magento store. Magento provides a generator from its system by default. You can go to System > configuration > Google sitemap for choosing your XML sitemap that needs to be configured. After generating, you can save the file ‘sitemap.xml’ in your server. For activating them in future you can enter the ‘Generation Settings’ and can enable the sitemap generation. Whenever your site gets updated, Google obtains an update in your sitemap also.

Analytics Implementation:

The Google Analytics provide the statistics of the source and the volume of the traffic. For enabling the analytics, you can click through System> configuration > Google API. After that you can choose ‘Yes’ to ‘Enable option’ and submit the account number.

SEO Tools For Magento:

There are various free SEO tools available for the Magento store. Some of them can be Lipperhey, SEOworkers, Google Webmaster Tools, SEOoptimer etc. They can be useful for both basic and advanced settings in your store.

By following all these tips, you can increase the visibility of your ecommerce store easily. The visitors must get exactly what they are looking for and therefore, the increased number of customers can increase the conversions and the turnover. You can boost up your ecommerce business simply by implementing and modifying a few features and tools.