Do you ever wish to buy a Giant TV to your living room? Now it’s time. LG the leading Consumer Electronics company unveils absolutely brilliant 84-Inch OLED and LED TV with Voice Recognition and 3D Gesture Control to its Cinema Screen line of HDTVs, now at Consumer Electronics Show(CES) 2012, LAS VEGAS. So you can either use voice recognition or a 3D gesture interface to enable gaming, search, talk to it, and even make gestures to command it.

This television is an “ultra resolution” with a 1 mm bezel. Along with this 84 inch model, a 60 and 55 inch one will also be available. It will have a resolution of 3,840×2,160 pixels, aka 4K, since it’s four times the number of pixels employed by garden-variety 1080p TVs (1,920×1,080). For its part, LG calls the resolution “UD” for “Ultra-Definition,” making this a (wait for it) “UDTV.” We asked a company rep whether that improved resolution would help with reproduction of passive 3D and while he was quick to assure us that current passive 3D by LG is superb in every way, he did mention the potential for “lossless” resolution.

LG 84LM9600 features:

  • 84-inch LED-based LCD
  • 3,840×2,160 native resolution (4K)
  • passive 3D compatible
  • Smart TV with Magic Motion remote

It’s may the first real smart TV, as it also incorporates a smart TV browser that supports HTML5 as well as Smart Share Plus with Wi-Fi, which will let you watch what’s on your TV directly on a mobile device. Apart from all, developers can also make apps for this. So this is more like a thin, giant-sized, ultra-resolution tablet with smart TV capabilities than a standard TV.

This is surely a dream thing to have! Life’s Good