Having a first-aid kit ready is a good habit. Who knows when it is needed! Yours should have bandages of various sizes and shapes to help deal with cuts, scrapes and wounds of different nature. Cloth bandages may have served us for centuries but we should now look for superior alternatives. So, are there options available? Yes, there are, and you should learn about them.

You should know that liquid bandages are now becoming popular the world over and they should be included in a first aid kit for sure. They are a new-age product which you need to apply just once to keep dirt and germs out of injuries or wounds. You’d be surprised to know liquid bandage prices which are a lot less than what you might have expected.

More so, you won’t face any issue in using such bandages as they are simple to apply. In fact, they don’t cause any discomfort at all barring a small sting on the cut. But in cases of serious cuts, you should seek professional medical treatment rather than relying on these bandages.

Usages of liquid bandages

Over the years, liquid bandages have grown in usages and popularity across the globe which shows the kind of product they are. Their utility is obviously big as they help in a number of ways and cases, including –

  • They are used to cover wounds
  • Wounds are protected using them
  • They ensure antiseptic treatment to cuts, wounds and scrapes
  • Such bandages help keep cracked skin, dry skin and calluses away from risks
  • They form a tough protective cover wherever applied
  • A waterproof area is developed around the skin and wounds to keep the dirt and germs away
  • You can apply them on affected areas and let the skin breathe
  • Cuts and scrapes are protected
  • Blisters are protected and prevented
  • Formation of calluses is avoided

Directions to use liquid bandages

You understand it’s easy to buy liquid bandage India and keep the cuts, wounds and scrapes risk, germ and dirt free. However, before using the product, you need to know it well so that the maximum benefits can be achieved.

Let’s look at directions to use such bandages –

  • First of all, properly clean the affected area
  • Make sure that the dirt and pollutants are not there
  • The apply a small amount of the liquid bandage on the area
  • You should apply them at least thrice daily
  • Let the liquid bandage dry
  • If you need extra protection, you can then apply a second coating
  • To remove the bandage, you need to apply more of it and then wipe it off quickly
  • You have to store them at room temperature
  • Keep them away from heat as prolonged exposure to heat can dilute their chemical composition
  • Such bandages may sting when applied but this feeling subsides gradually or even quickly
  • Don’t allow the bandages to stain else they won’t deliver the kind of result you need
  • And finally, visit an online store to check liquid bandage prices in India before buying them