Bodycon stands for “body conscious” and it is thus termed because these dresses are made of elastic materials that simply cling onto the body of the wearer. The curves or the lack of them are made obvious with these dresses. The first fact to be noted about bodycon dresses is that only one with a figure to show off can reach out for this style.

A woman with an hourglass figure is best suited to carry off bodycon dresses, and shapely contours of the body are enhanced to sensational dimensions. Those with pear shaped bodies or flat chests will want to avoid bodycon dresses and the skin-hugging fitting of the dresses are anything but complementing. Bodycons are further available in an extensive range of side cuts and neck designs.

Pair up your bodycon dress with the right undergarments for optimal effect. Keep in mind that the fabric will be practically stuck to your skin, and wearing the right type of tights and undergarments can ensure that your body is presented well, creating a flattering effect. You can also choose to pair a bodycon with a couple of complimentary apparel to create a new outfit entirely. Throw on a jacket and bell-bottomed pants, and you have an outfit that is fit for work. Come evening all you need to do is get rid of the pants and jacket, and you are ready to groove at a bar.

Bodycon dresses do give you control over your appearance. You can always choose a turtleneck over well fitting denims to enjoy a simultaneously classy and sexy look. You know your body well, and some clever play with apparel can help you highlight exactly what you want to – be it your toned stomach, glossy cleavage or shapely legs.

Accessorizing is a vital step of the process of dressing up. Bombers, denim jackets and youthful blazers give a chic look. The simple act of putting on ballet flats or heeled boots gives you a conservative appearance that suit work and study environments. Pair up your bodycon with scarves to add a splash of color to the typically dark shaded bodycon dresses. Black, brown, purple, red, dense gray and navy blue are among the most common shades of bodycons that grace retail shelves. Scarves, bangles and earrings of a different hue can lighten the mood of the outfit.

Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon has been voted as a style that, for men, enhances the appeal of a woman. Ensuring that you attract the right attention is something that must be accomplished by pairing your apparel and accessories well.

If you are headed out for a fun evening on the city with friends, reach out for a spaghetti strapped or sleeveless dress, choose chunky jewellery of complimentary colors, and pick out a shoulder bag and a pair of open-toed heels. Given that the color of the dress and its fit are just right for you, such an outfit will turn eyeballs as you down shots and groove with your buddies.

An off the shoulder bodycon dress can lend grace and elegance, and the same has been proved beyond doubt with celebrities who graced red carpets thus dressed. An off the shoulder flowing gown, with your hair done up in a bun, a choker, solitaire earrings and a clutch create a stunning effect. You can choose either flats or heels, depending on your own height and comfort levels with the two kinds of footwear.

A bodycon skirt, preferable black, is a must have this season due to its versatility. This skirt, when paired with a formal shirt and jacket becomes professional and lends a seasoned look that is perfect for work. When paired with a fancy shirt, a light woolen pullover and the like, the outfit takes on a casual air, perfect with a BBQ cook-out or an informal night out. Be chic with flats and a tuck-in deep neck shirt and a bodycon skirt.

Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon clothes come in all shapes and sizes, and it is your personal style preferences and the point you wish to make that determine exactly which bodycon garment you reach out first. From a shirt to a short and long dress to flowing gowns, bodycon apparel is a plethora of clothing options. A bodycon shirt can be paired with both bell-bottomed pants and slim fit denims with equal ease.

Body type is of utmost importance in this case. If your body is not one that can be presented when wrapped in fabric that hugs the body like skin embraces bone, muscle and sinew, you will want to steer clear of bodycon apparel. It is true that curvaceous women are best suited to flaunt bodycon dresses, but amply endowed women may not find this style as effective.

Subject a bodycon to every test you would subject any other apparel to – try it and scrutinize it from all angles. Do not assume that the fitting will simply get better with the passage of time and the property of elastic is to regain its shape. A bodycon will continue to be truly figure-hugging till it is disposed of. Select your wardrobe with care, and your accessories with greater caution.