Keeping laboratory conditions safe is goal number one for chemists in both public and private research. No matter the work to be done, increasing access to safe tools is expanding the capabilities of chemists and technicians in labs around the world.

Petrochemical Blending

Industries related to oil and gas are under particular pressure to incorporate green fuel technology into the existing petroleum market. Working with volatile products capable of ignition puts technicians and anyone in the physical area at risk if safety conditions are not ideal.

Air Stirrers Are Flexible and Safe

Adding the option of using air stirrers in a lab provides lab personnel the power to:

  1. work with explosion proof mixing tools
  2. use variable speed mixing to optimize blends
  3. safely blend volatile compounds with some distance from the kettle thanks to the long aluminum rod
  4. safely clean the tool and the kettle with the necessary (and possibly volatile) decreasing chemicals

RPMs Matter for a Consistent Blend

Air stirring tools come in a variety of powers. Whether you need to mix a thick material or something with more flow, with up to 3000 rpms of power you can be assured of a consistent blend in safe conditions.

Reversing the Shaft Increases Intensity of the Blend

Reversible models are available for products that require a more thorough blending. Because many volatile products change characteristics when exposed to air, the ability to intensify the blend by reversing the shaft direction allows technicians the chance to increase the quality of the mix without opening the container to more air.

Controlling Blend Speed

The ability to vary the speed of air stirring tools in the laboratory gives chemists a wider variety of blending options. Depending on the original mix and the intended goals for improving or replacing the product, increasing or decreasing the blend speed and the amount of time the product is in motion is critical. Once a mix time and speed have been documented, this product change can be noted and recreated for long-term production needs.

Stirring Materials with a Wide Range of Viscosity

The wide variety of power available in an air stirring tool gives chemists the chance to work on thicker products with more torque. Depending on the density of the product to be blended, the act of mixing under power over a set period of time can provide manufacturers in the volatile petroleum industry the chance to consider new sources of fuels and lubricants that were previously too challenging to work.

An air-powered stirring tool is a great addition to any laboratory or manufacturing application. Explosion-proof tools are greatly increasing our ability to increase the capabilities of the scientific community.