Harassed parents will agree that one of the most difficult tasks in parenting is to convince their kids to eat food that is nutritious and healthy. Kids all over the world have their very own ideas about what tastes good and when they should be eating. Much of the problem about healthy foods is they look particularly unattractive to children especially when compared to junk foods that come out of packaging that is bright, colorful and fun. Parents can put an end to mealtime battles by engaging in creative ways of making food look like a lot of fun. Some practical ideas:

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Eggs pack a lot of punch as far as nutrition goes but hardly any kid wants to have hard-boiled eggs because of its very ordinary looks and bland taste. The only time they actually look out for eggs is at Easter time so this can be a cue for frustrated parents. They can decorate the eggs with food grade colors and dyes or even use a variety of stickers as well as colorful markers to beautify the eggs in creatively interesting ways that can grip the imagination of the little ones. Serve colorfully decorated eggs with fruit and whole-grain crackers as a wholesome snack after the kids return from school. You can even include slices of hard-boiled eggs in the burgers that you make at home for a Friday dinner.


The very mention of oatmeal has kids making all sorts of faces and for the right reasons too if they are expecting oatmeal porridge, which is pretty much the most unexciting thing they could partake. Oatmeal is a very healthy food that can be very filling and thus helps children to be on the go for a long time. Oatmeal is also a very good source of dietary fiber. You can make oatmeal fun and more palatable by adding an assortment of toppings such as nuts and fruits, both fresh and dried. Mealtimes can be made more interesting by making up faces with banana slices for eyes, blueberries for the mouth and a red strawberry for the nose. Adding chocolate, a dash of sugar and vanilla extract and some of your child’s favorite fruit can also act as an energy-packed breakfast that will keep them going till it’s time for lunch.


For reasons best known to them kids instinctively tend to dislike yogurt, which everyone acknowledges to be a great source of nutrition and energy. You can make this a fun food for children if you can dress them up like ice creams with toppings of low-sugar granola, chopped nuts, fresh fruit, crushed crackers or chocolate chips. The trick is to make yogurt seem like a dessert and you will have kids asking for more.


Tacos are a great source of fiber and protein but you need to make them really interesting for the children to have it included in their diet. One trick that never fails to work is to allow the kids to assemble their own taco made from whole grains from bowls of finely minced lean meat, seafood or grilled chicken along with a good dash of kidney or black beans, shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, black olives finely sliced, fat-free yogurt, salsa that’s not too hot and any other vegetables that your kid normally balks at. There are a lot of kid-friendly recipes available online but as long as you let the kids have a great deal of fun in making their own dinner, you will not have them complaining.


Spinach is another superfood that most kids do not want to have anything to do with because of its unappetizing appearance and healthy tag. The best way of getting your child to eat spinach willingly is to inspire them with stories of the cartoon character Popeye, and also let kids top off homemade pizzas with grilled chicken and spinach that go particularly well with the mozzarella cheese.