With the invention of the mobile app, human approach towards everything has begun to change, they have a different approach towards everything, it starts from the shopping to travel. The technology has reshaped the whole industries over the last decade. The technology, called Uber helps to book for the private car service through the mobile app. And it also helps the people who wish to build their career as a driver.

How does Uber work?

Let’s take a look at what does Uber do exactly and how does it work.

Uber is a company that connects the drivers and the riders to get the mutually exclusive ride that is beneficial to both the drivers as well as the riders. Unlike the traditional taxi services, Uber allows its drivers to use their own cars and it also determines the drivers own work schedules.

It gives a different experience to the customers also. People need not wait for a long time in the street corner waiting for the taxi or a cab, instead, Uber reduces the waiting time of the customers. Customers can book for the Uber ride through the app, the request will be sent to the nearby driver in that location. And the drivers will arrive at the requested place at the correct time and this technology brings two parts of the transaction together.

The high profit oriented taxi drivers are removed from the scenario, because Uber charge less than the traditional taxies, except when the times where the demands are high and the drivers are scarce.

Lower prices are one of the important factors that are preferred by the customers. Most of the customers prefer the easy and cheap transportation to travel to other places.

It doesn’t mean that Uber is not making any money out of the business. The corporate document which was leaked recently shows that the company plans to produce $10 billion in the years to come. The company’s growth from December 2012 to December 2013 is 369%. This is really a notable success to the success.

How to become an Uber driver?

Becoming an Uber driver is not the complicated task, or it is not the one which is difficult to understand. In order to become an Uber driver, the main thing the person must have is the smart phone and the car with four doors, in which the car must be the 2006 model or the newer one. Uber also has also had the car inspection.

Uber wants to make sure that its drivers are safe, that is they have a thorough background check for its drivers. And the drivers with the criminal past or has the issues in drunk driving will be eliminated. It is the responsibility of the company to arrange safe drives to its customers. It is a risk for the passengers to have a ride with the criminal or the drunk driver. So Uber is very keen on not to permit the drivers with the criminal or drunk driving past. This is done for the safety of the customers.

Type of insurance needed for the Uber driver

Uber drivers need not purchase any commercial license for transporting passengers. Uber requires having personal auto insurance. When the driver accepts the trip, the liability insurance up to $1million will be provided. The excess amount of the collision coverage of $1000 will be deducted, that is the additional insurance cost will be covered by Uber that expense is paid for taking a cut on each ride by the driver. Also, even if you have a bad driving record you can still save on personal coverage with high risk car insurance.

To get started, Uber drivers need not purchase any special insurance.

Rules for the Uber drivers

The main requirements for the job of an Uber driver is, the smart phone and the decent and safe drive. But the drivers have to meet some other criteria also.

Uber provides the rating system, through which the customers can rate the drivers depends upon the ride and they can also give the feedback about the driver and the ride experience. The drivers must receive good points, in order to certify them as the best driver.

The customers can rate the drivers on a scale of one to five. This is one of the chances to eliminate the bad drivers. At present Uber asks its drivers to have an average of 4.6 on all the reviews from the customers.

In addition to the above requirements, the Uber driver must complete at least 21 years, there should not have any major accidents in the recent years and should not have any history of DUIs.

How to get started as a driver in Uber?

Applying to an Uber driver is easy. Visit the website, fill the application form, then submit for the criminal verification and then for the vehicle inspection. As the company is in the growing stage, it would like to sign up for the $100 bonus to the new drivers who completes the minimum of 20 rides.

As the company is expanding globally, it is trying to spread its market in all parts of the world. Uber drivers have the chance to work for the other ride-sharing companies also. At present, many drivers who work for Uber also work for other companies like Lyft.

Benefits of driving for Uber

The important thing in working for Uber is that, the drivers can get reasonable wages on their own schedule. Campbell, who worked for Uber since it started to operate in California, he says that, the flexibility of the time can extend beyond the time chosen by the driver on any given week. Drivers need not make any sort of commitment; there is no restriction to spend time for their personnel events like, wedding, vacations and many others.

Many jobs will not permit to stay off for more than a month and again join there to continue their work. But Uber provides this opportunity for its drivers. They can even work for some long hours if they need extra money.

How to let Uber know that the driver is available

Uber drivers express their availability through the mobile app. If the drivers wish to take the drive, the turn the app on, if they are busy or not interested to drive they turn the app off.

If the driver wants to extra amount for the week, he has to keep it on, throughout the week. The drivers can log on at any time and log off as they wish; they can even take long breaks and start to work whenever they wish to do.

How much money can the driver make with Uber

The traditional taxi drivers can earn up to $22, 840 annually, where the top earners in the industry earn up to $ 36,850 per annum. The Uber drivers earn more than that, UberX drivers in New York City earn up to $90,000 per annum ,where as in San Francisco, the drivers earn up to $74,191 per annum for the 40 hours work per week .

On an average the Uber driver makes $20 per hour. Sometimes the drivers make up to $500 per night. Drivers cannot make much amount during the non peak hours due to any fare cuts. But, still there is plenty of opportunity for the part-time drivers in Uber.

Drivers will not get the money soon after the trip; the Uber app will keep track of the drivers’ income and feed into their account as a direct deposit at the end of the week.

So, drivers can earn a reasonable amount of money in Uber. And there are more opportunities for the part time drivers in Uber.