A well-funded startup might have the luxury of ramping up operations over the course of several months, but sometimes, the startup needs funds right away. Sometimes you must rush into business, so you need to get customers quickly. The following tips will help you attract customers in a hurry, to give your business its best chance for success.

Get Referrals

You might not know many people who need your products or services, but other people can help. Use your existing network of personal and professional contacts to refer business to you. When you ask someone to send their friends and associates to you, make sure you frame your request in a way that presents a win-win situation. When you provide an incentive, you improve the chances of getting the help you need.

Offer Something for Free

Get your business noticed by offering a free consultation or a free product sample. When you attract leads either online or in person, you should pitch your products and services first, and then give away your free premium. Try to offer something of value as part of your free giveaway, so people don’t feel like you’ve tricked them into paying attention to your message. When your product or service costs too much to give away, try distributing discount coupons or other special offers instead.

Follow Up

Following up is an art. It is all about timing and what you say. If you are looking to grow your company in a hurry, this is an important art you want to have mastered. You don’t want to be a pest, but you also don’t want it to look like you don’t care about your customers business. If you’ve had customers in the past with your present or former business, pay them a visit or contact them via telephone or email. People who have experienced buying from you in the past will have the needed confidence to buy from you again.


Advertising can quickly bring customers to your doorstep or website. Consider spending some money on an online pay-per-click advertising campaign or a broadcast ad on radio or television. Depending on your product, budget, and business model, advertising might represent your fastest path to customers’ wallets. Many companies offer special Amazon promo codes that provide customers deep discounts through websites such as Discountrue. You too can decide to offer promo codes as part of your advertising campaign.

Price it Right

Use price as part of your promotion strategy. Resist the temptation to price yourself too low, or buyers might fear the quality of your goods and services. Also, you want to make sure your price will help keep you from attracting too many customers.

Stay Focused

A new business needs customers, so you might feel tempted to agree to provide products and services that don’t fit with your business model. Turn away clients who cannot directly benefit from your expertise.

With some effort, creativity, and discipline, you can quickly attract customers who will provide the needed revenue and cash flow to keep your business successful. Remember always to offer genuine value to your clients, so they will keep coming back to you for more.


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