The best marketing techniques make consumers turn their heads. From advertisements that bring emotional reactions, clips that have you asking the big questions, to comical clips that go viral around the world, a select few companies have been able to achieve the marketing genius most businesses can only dream of. Let’s take a look at what brings a marketing campaign to the forefront of our minds and which companies always succeed.


apple-logoFrom the well-known iPod campaigns, to the ever-famous “Think Different” campaign from the 1984 Super Bowl, Apple has hit the nail on the head every time. They successfully introduce new products into a consumer base that doesn’t even know they want it yet, while still being able to control an entire business sector that’s crowded with companies like Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft.
They’ve built a brand around an apple symbol that has made them one of the most valuable retail companies in the world. Their ability to think well ahead of their target consumers and executing marketing campaigns efficiently makes them one of the best in existence when it comes to brand advertisement.



GeicoIf you’ve been around long enough, you likely remember that Geico used to stand for Government Employees Insurance Company. The new generation customers are now used to the little lizard that graces every pamphlet they send out and every commercial aired on television and the internet. They’ve been successful with a unique tactic that turns irrelevant situations that are funny or cute, into commercials about insurance. This type of advertising is perfect for a young consumer base who grew up with early internet humor and short comical videos.


moz-botAs we find ourselves deeper and deeper in the digital age, many Internet companies who offer online marketing services are trying to become more relevant by using unique social media tactics to reach more consumers. Moz has done this perfectly. If you’ve ever needed Internet marketing advice or help with getting your website name out there, Moz has probably shown up in your search results. They stand out from the rest, and spread their brand through a variety of social media advertising techniques combined with a personal touch. One of Moz’s most recent Instagram posts featured company employees in “then” and “now” pictures, along with the dogs that hang out in their office. While this has nothing to do with what they offer, the human element combined with the cuteness of a dressed up dog reminds consumers that real people work behind that website. Putting a human face on a company that provides, in most of our eyes, such boring services, is a genius marketing tactic that they’ve used to spread their name across the Internet.

Marketing is one of the most difficult aspects of owning a business, and making it successful. Owners of dental offices, paper and software companies, or even local auto mechanic shops will tell you it’s very hard to excite their target audience. In most cases, outside marketing firms are hired to create campaigns for top companies. According to Progressive Dental Marketing, a dental website builder, sometimes the best way to incite growth and new customers is by utilizing an outside source or firm that can crunch the numbers for you and find out the best ways to reach your target audience. With these examples from the pros, and a little extra help, you can help take your organization to new heights.