Apps fall onto the marketplace like raindrops. There are too many to count and too many to keep track of. In fact, Venture Beat reports that in 2013 alone, there will be 70 billion apps downloaded. In the midst of such a mobile downpour, it’s easy to forget about some of the marvelous apps that could very easily get lost in the wake of the “latest and greatest.”

Google Goggles(Free)

Google Goggles

Google Goggles are futuristically cool. Goggles often gets swept under the rug because it isn’t something you use everyday, but when you do, it’s awesome. Goggles works sort of like your eyes if they had an encyclopedia built in. You can take a snapshot of a landmark or work of art and Goggles will tell you what it is or who created it. It’s basically a pocket professor.

World Lens (Free)

Word Lens Translator

From Quest Visual, World Lens allows you to translate printed text from one language to another. Although it isn’t new to the scene, the futuristic technology involved is reminiscent of a sci-fi movie. There were many kinks when the app first came out, but over time it has been smoothed out, and now it’s the perfect companion for the traveler on-the-go.

Skylander Series (Free to Download)


Titan of industry Bobby Kotick, the powerhouse behind Activision/Blizzard has helped transform the MMPORG genre, and Skylander is among his creations. Under Kotick’s tutelage, the company designs and releases compelling, addictive multiplayer games. Skylander allows you to build your own fantasy world and be the master of your ethereal domain. If you’re a fan of multiplayer, don’t forget about this stunning and interactive gem.