Do you wake up with an aching back and/or shoulders, aching ribs or fatigue? Chances are that your mattress is the cause of your misery. When you upgrade your mattress to a good quality mattress like memory foam mattress, your night will be more comfortable.

Finding a comfortable and luxurious mattress can be quite frustrating, especially if you have less knowledge on the different types of mattresses. Luckily, this post is meant to give you a few shopping tips when it comes to choosing a memory foam mattress.

But what is it about memory a foam mattress that makes them the perfect choice for hundreds of thousands, you might ask? Well, anyone who has slept on a memory foam mattress will agree that the mattress gives enough air circulation as you sleep, it is firm and extra supportive for different weights and because the mattress has a sinking nature, your sleeping posture will always be correct with a memory foam mattress; read more on Zenhaven reviews.

Another benefit that is quite evident with memory foam mattresses is the fact that the mattress material is temperature sensitive. This basically means that the mattress conforms to high temperatures and gets softer; but when the temperatures are too low, the memory foam mattresses becomes firmer. This characteristic ensures that you get a good night sleep regardless of the temperatures outside.

So, what is it that you need to look out for when choosing your memory foam mattress?

Size of the mattress

The size of the mattress will of course depend on the size of the bed. For example, a baby cot mattress will be smaller in size and cheaper compared to a king size bed mattress. Therefore, have the right bed size before shopping for a mattress.

Mattress cover

Just as the mattress is important, so is the mattress cover. A good mattress cover should enable your memory foam mattress to breathe and dry out fast. Fact of the matter is, we all sweat in our sleep and for this reason, it is important that you protect your mattress from sweat stains and keep it dry with a good quality mattress cover.

Mattress thickness

Unlike other types of mattresses, memory foam mattresses are not usually solid memory foam. Therefore, when choosing your mattress, it is best that you go for a thickness that is appealing to you or one that suits your needs. However, because of its sinking nature, it is wise that you don’t go for extremely low density.

Foam type

Traditional memory foam types are the most sought after foam type. This is because the foam type reacts to the body heat and forms your shape so as to reduce pressure points and above all give you a peaceful, restful sleep. Another option that is becoming popular by the day is the gel memory foam. As for this type of foam, gel beads are filled into the mattress which improves air circulation without losing its ideal comfort ability.