An MBA that combines foundational business management principles with the latest knowledge about information systems and software applications offers technology lovers entry into careers with some of the hottest companies around including: Google, Apple, Amazon, Deloitte, Microsoft, Facebook and Boston Consulting Group. These top companies, along with successful businesses everywhere, specifically seek MBA graduates with the skills to integrate technology into daily operations to increase business success. As a result, MBA degrees that promote maintaining, developing and innovating technology systems provide an advantage for technology lovers to land competitive business jobs. Here are four popular examples of technology-based MBA programs to consider.

Information Technology

Well regarded MBA information technology programs partner with leading corporations to integrate trending research, past experience, and technological science with proven business management practices. Such a degree: develops human resource management skills from a technology driven perspective; demonstrates how to create innovative ways to use technology to reach business goals; and explores how to maintain and improve information systems to advance business operations. Additionally, this type of MBA teaches how technology-based leadership skills can empower business staff to assess situations and make decisions that increase positive business outcomes.

Technology Management

An MBA in Technology Management focuses on analyzing and developing business solutions by aggregating information through the use of technological applications. Studies incorporate technology with finance, marketing, economics and accounting practices to assess business data more accurately and efficiently. Technology management degrees also emphasize strategic marketing principles through the use of communication pathways such as social media.

Software Engineering

This highly technical, MBA option grounds itself in science and engineering principles and prepares graduates to become senior level technology strategists. Intensive study of software engineering and business applications are usually taught through collaboration between computer science and business programs that earn a dual MBA/Master of Science degree. Programming or design engineers in administrative positions for transportation, cloud computing or architectural jobs often hold this type of degree.

Information Security

Security analysts with a strong technology background are critical to the success and safety of businesses. A degree in information security teaches the controls and countermeasures necessary to detect threats to information systems, protect businesses from data breaches, and recover lost or compromised data. Graduates with this degree emphasis are highly marketable.

MBA degrees with a technology focus translate to a wide variety of career possibilities across business platforms and job sectors. Whether consulting as an IT specialist or supervising program innovations, qualified graduates will possess the skills to succeed in a highly competitive job market. If you aspire to work with technology, consider what an MBA with a technology focus could do for your career.