Metroon -Transforms iOS into Windows 8’s Metro UI


Microsoft has introduced Metro GUI in Windows 8. It is a new design that relying more on typography and less on graphics. If your are an iOS/iPhone user you can get this user interface. Here is an app, DreamBoard, can completely revamp your device with a whole new look. Couple that with a new tweak called Metroon and you have yourself an iPhone that runs Windows 8 — complete with a Metro user interface, live tiles, and even the “Charms” bar.

The tweak only supports the jailbroken iPod touches and the iPhones. This theme comes with a Windows Phone-esque lock screen with music controls, notification alerts, and the swipe up to unlock feature; a home screen complete with live tiles for things like Mail and the Music app; plus a Charms bar that appears when you swipe from the right-hand side of the display, which provides access to the theme’s settings, allows you to switch between the Metroon theme and regular iOS, and more. Inside the settings menu, you can customize the theme’s color scheme, backgrounds, and notifications.

You can download Metroon for $1.50 from the Cydia Store now. You will also need DreamBoard if you don’t already have it. Check out Metroon in action in the video above, by Tom Warren from Verge.

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