A star-studded dinner does not have to weigh heavy on your pockets. Most Michelin star restaurants love the cha-ching when it comes to fancy dinners and brunches, but not these. In fact, a dinner (usually two courses) will cost you less than £20. If you are planning on taking your special someone for a dinner or lunch, you have better start booking now. Getting tables at these budget affairs is quite difficult unless you have time to spare.

The Elephant, Torquay

The Elephant is not just known for its budget two-course menu; it is also the only budget restaurant in the who of UK to have its farm. You can enjoy a two-course lunch from the set menu for £16.50 on the weekdays and £19.95 for a full three-course meal on a weekday.Although you will get a set menu, the variety is unmatched. The Elephant chefs are known for the penchant for fresh produce. The menu keeps changing according to the availability of the ingredients.

Turners @ 69, Birmingham

Turners @ 69 offers a two-course lunch for two at £18.99 (Monday-Saturday). You can add another £5.00 to go the complete three courses.

The menu is set. So if you seem a tab bit disappointed since you will not be able to choose your dishes here, do not be. The menu is as fancy as the presentation. From starter to dessert, a meal at Turners @ 69 is a real Michelin experience.

Ormer by Shaun Rankin, Saint Helier

At Ormer, you can have a complete Michelin experience at only £19. This is their special express lunch that gives you a choice of meat, fish or veg and a glass of wine. If you have time and a couple of extra bucks to spare, you should go for their two courses or three courses for £22 or £27 respectively. In our opinion, mango soufflé at the end of a two-course meal from a celebrity kitchen only sounds amazing!

Paul Ainsworth at No.6, Padstow

When we searched for “top restaurants near me” in the Gourmet Guide, UK, thePaul Ainsworth at No6 showed up on top. If you have £19 and the time to visit this establishment, get ready to taste some of the most mind-blowing flavours of your life. The Smokey haddock, caviar and asparagus are one of the most lauded dishes from this kitchen. Follow it up with Cornish hogget season greens and ewe’s curd. For a budget of £26, you can go for a three-course meal. Finish up the divine Eve with a dessert of strawberry infused goat’s milk and hibiscus.

If you have big plans but a small budget, try these fourMichelin star restaurants in your locality. You pocket and your taste buds will thank you at the end of your meal.