We are always amazed by new gadgets and rush to the stores to get a sneak peek at the newly launched ones. It is often a wise choice to wait for a while after the launch before deciding whether you want to buy the product or not because, as is the case with new products, you soon get cheaper alternatives or improved models that you would suit your needs better. Something very similar happened after the launch of Samsung Galaxy Grand since Micromax Canvas HD offered a very similar product for less. Did Micromax Canvas HD succeed in redefining brand value? Let’s find out.

Launched within days of the Samsung Galaxy Grand, Micromax A116, also called Canvas HD, was clearly the underdog to this comparison. The major reasons these two are being compared in first place, is the 5-inch screen, the similar looks and the fact that they were launched in the same month. Any later and Micromax would have been found guilty of trying to imitate the Galaxy Grand. The body of the Canvas HD has the ‘plastic’ feel to it but considering that you will be paying almost half the price that people paid for the S3 and still get a phone with a similar finish, this shouldn’t disappoint you.

The Canvas HD offers a 720p display while you get a WVGA resolution for the Galaxy Grand. Agreed that the display for the Grand is not as bad as we made it sound right now, why couldn’t the Korean giant deliver a HD display on their phone when the ‘Haryana men’ did? Or was Samsung caught napping on this one?

Well, troubles for Samsung did not stop here. The Micromax Canvas HD is shipped with 1.2GHz quad-core processor while Samsung’s Galaxy Grand comes with only a dual core processor. While this may not affect routine use, the difference is noticed with ‘power hungry’ apps and games. Worth mentioning, is that both, the Grand as well as the Canvas HD, do not lag when multi-tasking or playing simple games but the Canvas feels a bit quicker. Equipped with similar capacity batteries, the Galaxy Grand again loses out to the Canvas HD, this time on the longevity of its battery. The Canvas HD can last you the whole working part of the day with medium to heavy usage and could last even longer with a few power saving tweaks.

Samsung definitely performs better with its 8 MP rear faced camera than Micromax but if you like the ‘burst mode’ feature, that comes only with the Canvas HD. Galaxy Grand is also better when it comes to touch interface, thanks to Samsung’s proprietary, TouchWiz and comes packed with some exclusive Samsung features such as Smart Stay, S Voice, GamesHub and myServices etc. Micromax’s own Apps come pre-installed on the Canvas HD, but are still in their infancy as compared to Samsung’s offerings. OS-wise, both run on the Android Jelly Bean version, so neither is better than the other. But reduced customisations on the Canvas HD keep the phone faster while taking away good experience that Jelly Bean has to offer.

Micromax got its ‘on paper’ specifications right with this phone and wins you over with an HD display. Technical comparisons done, one does consider the price of the phone before making the purchase. Micromax wins this hurdle hands down because it offers almost the same package as the Galaxy Grand for a lot less. Micromax Canvas HD price is expected to be at Rs 15000. Samsung’s value as an established brand and a better touch interface has helped them sell the Galaxy Grand well. But for others, Canvas HD is the clear winner. Why else would an underdog phone manufacturer manage to sell 9000 units within 24 hours of its availability?

What Micromax achieved with the Canvas HD goes beyond sales and market share. Known for manufacturing budget phones, Micromax has stepped up to compete with one of the global phone manufacturers and showcased the quality of their products. By doing so, it has questioned Samsung’s brand image and has definitely redefined its own brand value.

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    Williams Dabney says: Posted on Apr 19, 2013 at 2:34 pm |

    Samsung has lead the market when it comes to smartphone and there are many models released by Samsung and most of them are equipped with nice features. As for these models, I prefer samsung over micromax canvas HD.

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    Julia says: Posted on Apr 17, 2013 at 3:08 pm |

    Its a very nice comparison article. These both sets are amazing in their place. But from a user point of view i can simply say with fine features like DUAL SIM, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS, 5inch HD IPS Touch Screen, 3G, 4G LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, 1.2GHz Quad Core MediaTek Processor, 2,100mAH Battery and most important its low price attract more people.