Micromax has proved its ability to deliver on its promises. The Indian manufacturer of smartphones has provided latest technologies and innovations to the consumers at highly affordable prices. With its ingenious marketing strategies and successful execution of the same the company has been able to climb up the ranks in the global markets. Today, Micromax is the 12th largest producer of handsets in the world. In India, the company ranks third behind Nokia and Samsung in the sale of mobile handsets. For the past few years, the company has been producing affordable smartphones with features that are similar to those of high-end models.

The company has been producing smartphones with Android Operating System. It has been having a great run and has launched some flagship models like the Canvas Turbo, which has been selling well in the market. As the company moves ahead with the ambition of establishing itself as the largest player in the Indian market and eventually one of the most important brands in the international market, it faces competition from other manufacturers mainly Nokia and Samsung. It is also planning to move into European markets by entering countries like Romania and Russia.

In the direction of making smartphones that are functional, affordable and can compete with models from other brands, the company is planning to make a foray into the Windows Phone market. The market is currently being ruled by Nokia, the handset manufacturing giant that has a line of pure uninterrupted Windows Phone smartphones. The Finnish company has about 90% market share as far as Windows Phone handsets are concerned. Micromax Mobile sees Nokia as the company that it would like to take on as a competition in the Indian market.


Windows Phone OS has seen a considerable rise in market shares on a year-on-year basis. The Microsoft created OS for smartphone had very few takers in the initial years, not because it was flawed in a major way but due to the fact that Google’s Android was able to provide much more functionality. However, with the launch of the Windows Phone 8 OS, there has been a lot of change with the kind of improvement and functionality that this version brings. The rise in the market shares of Windows Phone devices is set to grow even bigger and pose significant competition to the Android and iOS devices.

The company has already revealed its desire to launch its first generation of Windows Phone smartphones, sometime in mid-2014. Though details have not been announced yet, trusted sources in the market are already talking about the release. The story has created quite a stir in the Indian smartphone world. Now, if Micromax does launch a Windows Phone smartphone, then it will have huge repercussions in the Indian smartphone scenario and will go on to impact the larger global scheme as well.

Micromax, which until now produced Android devices and made them available to the consumers at affordable prices is expanding its production line before it sets itself on its plan to expand globally by entering European markets. Now, Android is currently ruling the Indian market alongside Samsung and other local brands, but it would be an interesting battle when Micromax brings the Windows Phone in its devices, and which it would most probably bring at an affordable price. It would mean more market share for the Indian brand as it will combine both the share from Android devices and Windows devices.

Earlier, Micromax had launched its dual-boot 10 inch tablet powered by both Android and Windows. With the plans to launch a Windows Phone 8 device, Micromax has made its intentions of making more Windows devices clear. However, it is not very definite what the company is trying to achieve with this or where it is headed. There are a lot of things that can be seen as a motivating factor for this, and beating Nokia in the Indian market is one of the most probable ones. The company might also be trying to increase its popularity in the global market by launching more varieties of smartphones, because the company clearly exhibits global ambitions.

The release might happen anytime this year and interested consumers can stay tuned to online websites and blog pages that are running these stories. It is one of those stories that will make the headlines in the technology section this year. When Micromax does release its first Windows Phone smartphone, you can expect the device to be available on online stores too, as Micromax has always used online shopping sites as an effective supply route.