Nettop is the small, low-power, inexpensive desktop computer designed for basic tasks such as document processing, surfing the Internet, and audio/video playback. The word nettop is came form Internet and Desktop. Nettops are quiet and require little power. Moreover, they are so small that they do not stand out in the living room uncomfortable. As powerful as a multimedia desktop PC are Nettops not, but the current generation of devices can play back HD content.

Previously, Nettops even already cheap, small, quiet and economical in power consumption. Their performance was something to be desired. Thus they were primarily suited as cheap labor for the desktop computer, but as a tourist resort for the living room could not convince them. Here, we’d like to present the 3 best Nettops, currently available on market.

Apple Mac mini

Mini-PC: The 3 Best Nettops 1
Apple Mac mini is one of the greatest product form Apple Inc. Especially small and restrained in design Apple has designed its Mac mini. The new Mac mini features state-of-the-art processors, advanced graphics, Thunderbolt technology, and plenty of ports. The Apple Mac Mini is particularly quiet and low power consumption and is well equipped technically, but only is very expensive, starting at $599. Checkout the link, if you’d like to know more about Apple Mac Mini

Asus Eee Box B202

Mini-PC: The 3 Best Nettops 2 The Eee Box is a mini desktop PC. With a slim, svelte design, the world’s smallest desktop PC that allows for an array of space saving options. In contrast, the Asus Eee Box B202 particularly for price-conscious PC buyers an attractive alternative to large desktop PC if they want to use their computers mainly for work and for the use of the Internet. The Asus Eee Box B202 operates so quietly that they do not interfere with concentrated work, and requires little energy. Checkout the features of Asus Eee Box B202 here.

Acer Veriton N series

Mini-PC: The 3 Best Nettops 3 The Veriton N Series is the perfect way to maximizing your production, and your space. It does everything you expect of a larger PC, yet fits perfectly in tight settings such as small offices, education facilities and displays etc. This nettop is relatively powerful, but for gaming and HD video, he is hardly suitable. His strengths are in low energy and the fact that it operates very quietly.The compact, quiet Nettop is therefore suitable for multimedia entertainment. Find out more information and Specification of Acer Veriton N series here

Modern Nettops are considerably more powerful thanks to major processors such as the Dual-Core CPUs by Intel and a chipset from Nvidia for good graphics performance. Thus, suitable current Nettops for media playback in the living room when they are connected to an HD flat screen TV.