How much space your file sharing service is providing to you, 100MB, 500MB or 2GB?. Now it’s time try Minus. Minus is an online file sharing platform that allows users to upload, publish and discover photos, docs, music, videos and more anytime anywhere with a simple drag and drop. Even it’s a free file sharing platform but it’s also providing 10 GB of storage space in Cloud.

Data transfer and downloads are unlimited and you can upload files with sizes of 2 GB. Once you uploaded your file, it can be shared with other users via the url and download link. In addition, you can get the HTML for inclusion on various social networks. Minus will keep all files indefinitely unless deleted by the uploader or if it violates our terms of service.

Main Features of Minus

  1. Free Registration
  2. 10 GB of free space
  3. Upload files up to 2 GB
  4. Unlimited Downloads and Transfer
  5. Profile to publish and share your files and folders
  6. Follow friends to see what they are sharing
  7. Use Dashboard to manage your files and folders
  8. Search and discover public folders

I think Minus is an excellent and useful service for students and teachers, who need to exchange various files quickly, they need to share. Before using these types of service, it is good practice to always read all the relevant provisions and the various licenses.

Try Minus and start sharing today!.