These days the contribution of mobile eCommerce revenue has become higher with the immense growth in mobile space. 4% of total e-commerce revenue is being generated by mobile apps for businesses that own and maintain e-stores. While in 2012, only 5% of total e-commerce revenue was generated by all mobile channels combined together globally. The recent Global m-commerce status check report says that only 19% of total e-stores are capable of generating 25% of their total e-commerce via mobile channels. The study was conducted with more than 600 well-known m-commerce companies in Q3 2012.

The numbers are pretty satisfying as the diffusion of smartphone is high in the recent years. In 2013, over 1 billion new smartphones are predicted to be shipped, which thereby makes a total count of about 2 billion smartphones in the market. Smartphone adoption is currently experiencing a creditable growth of 100% which will directly influence the mobile app market. Around 88.8% of smartphone market is being controlled together by Apple iOS and Google android mobile OS. Each of these platforms is having more or less 800,000 unique apps on their respective app stores individually.

Additionally, mobile devices on an overall have a major influence over global internet traffic. Almost 10% of global internet traffic is initiated from mobile devices alone. However, the current state of smartphone adoption in India and China greatly disappoints the mobile industry. Get to read the significant highlights of the Global m-commerce status check report.

  • Nearly 50% of e-stores have recorded less than 10% of their e-commerce revenue from mobile apps in 2012.
  • E-stores that generate more than 25% of ecommerce revenue from mobile channels will multiply by another 10% to attain 27.5% market share.
  • Almost 15% of e-stores believe that in the coming 5 years, 50% of ecommerce sales will be coming from m commerce.
  • There will be a huge gap between successful m-commerce app and a long tale about such apps. If the former ones are downloaded more than 2 million times, the later ones will be receiving only few thousands of downloads.

To conclude up, the massive impact of android has triggered users more hungry on data and this in turn could also be reflected on the customers. Anyhow, the originally categorized mobile OS market condition is pushing e-stores to prioritize their app platform based on their products and services research.