The evolution of modern technology has fundamentally changed the way that people interact one with the other. With a tap of your smartphone, you can hail a ride, get a date for the evening or find a job. How have smartphones and the rise of the internet in general changed the way that people sell their homes?

Sellers Take A More Active Role In Selling Their Homes

When a seller puts his or her home up for sale, the listing will surely be posted to that person’s Facebook or Twitter account. From there, it may be shared by family members, friends or other contacts in the area. This may complement what the seller’s real estate agent is doing to help sell the home as soon as possible. Sellers may also post information about open houses or answer questions about the home through social media.

Interactive Tours Provide Buyers With More Information

At the very least, a listing is going to contain pictures of the property and notes about any upgrades that have been made. However, technology makes it possible for sellers to create virtual tours of the property that can be accessed online. This allows a buyer to see what a property looks like without having to go to an open house or leave work early for a showing.

Seller Agents Can Provide Information About The Property Instantly

A seller’s real estate agent, like the professionals at Cooke Realty – Keller Williams Plymouth-Canton, can provide information about a property without having to lug around a briefcase or keep a stack of papers in the car. Instead, that agent can simply load relevant documents to his or her smartphone and send copies digitally to an interested buyer. In fact, documents can even be altered or signed without a physical copy being made, which saves time and streamlines the selling process.

You Should Still Consult With A Real Estate Agent

Today’s technology has made it tempting for sellers to sell properties on their own. However, it is still in your best interest to work with a professional who understands how to market your property and how to get you the best price in the current market. Your agent will also have connections to other agents and buyers who you may not be able to find on your own.

Technology has significantly changed how we sell homes. In an instant, a home can be listed by a seller and seen by hundreds of potential buyers. From there, virtual tours and digital document storage may allow a buyer to see and make an offer on a property without seeing a home or a seller in person.