India is home to one of the world’s largest railway networks, with over 115,000 km of railway track. This spans the country’s length and breadth, from the northern Himalayas to the south’s tea plantations. Traveling by train in India means meeting their people and watching the nuances of everyday life.You get to enjoy the journey with your book or having some deep conversations with people at peace. Whether you’re looking for local experiences or a week-long vacation on a luxury train, here’s our choice of India’s best and most scenic rail travel.

Goa express

It’s a day train that takes the best 12 hours, allowing plenty of time (and light) to enjoy the spectacular scenery of lakes, beaches, and rugged coastline. The road passes across 2,000 bridges, including Panvalnadi’s jaw-dropping bridge. Bright pink blossoms hang so low that you can see them and feel them as the train cuts straight into the heart of village life in Goa. This busy road stretches 580 km from the lush West Ghats to the Arab Sea.

Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express

The super-fast Rajdhani, beginning in West Bengal, reaches Assam in no time, vast stretches of green emerald paddy and tea plantations on both sides. Unlike the rolling greenery of South India, this expanse is entirely flat. When night falls, the train sweeps on to Guwahati past the Brahmaputra river and crawls through the slums of the city.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

This slow-moving train ride is a perfect opportunity to enjoy at leisure the views of snow-capped peaks, green forests, and tea plantations in the Eastern Himalayas. Sometimes you’re going to pass through villages with food stalls close enough to reach and touch. The complete route from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling takes seven hours, but you can ride the highly scenic portion between Kurseong and Darjeeling if you are short on time.

Nilgiri Mountain Railway

A popular attraction in southern India is this UNESCO toy train ride. The British built this toy train in 1908 by the British and used steam-powered trains until recently. The five-hour journey to Ooty’s hill station covers 30 miles of green countryside with tea plantations and wooded hills. The highway crosses 7,000 feet high and passes more than 250 bridges. You can stretch your legs at longer stops and enjoy local waterfalls.

Himalayan Queen

Himachal Pradesh state’s 60-mile road between Kalka and Shimla is one of India’s best-known toy train rides. It is a journey of five hours across 102 tunnels and many bridges and viaducts.The train offers panoramic views of valleys, pine forests, and spectacular mountain peaks on the way to Shimla’s Raj-era hill station. Sometimes the sheer falls below the tracks may be somewhat disturbing, but for those views, it’s worth it.
All these trains are well maintained and cleaned regularly to give travelers comfort. Some of the trains may provide food for the passengers, and some may not. Even if the food is not provided by the train to the passenger who travels, online food Order in Train is possible these days with the advancement of technology.