At times, when you have been working online, you might feel the need to capture an image of something on your computer screen. This would be inclusive of mostly anything ranging from an image, a video, an error message or an email. In general, the tiring procedure of capturing a screenshot or online video, which everyone might not be aware of, copying in the software for resizing, editing or cropping and saving for later might not be worth your time and effort. Moreover, not all could comply with the skill.

What are your alternatives?

Movavi Screen Capture would be a great alternative. The amazingly lightweight screen capture software has been designed for simplifying the procedure of recording and saving videos and audios available on your computer screen. The software has been made available for download at the official website.

Installing Movavi screen capture would create a yellow outlined box on the screen. It would be helpful in adjusting the area to be captured from the live streaming video. You could adjust the box according to your needs and requirements. You could drag the edges of the yellow lined box accordingly. After carefully selecting the capture area, you could click on the ‘capture’ icon.

Functioning of the software

This screen recording software has been a boon for the people who look forward to recording or capturing desired images or videos.

Image screen capture

All you have to do is to click and drag your mouse across the screen. You would be able to select the desired area that you wish to capture. However, double clicking on the window of your screen would automatically select only the desired window. After selecting the area, you would be able to preview the image that you intend to create.

Editing the desired image with Movavi has been relatively easy along with providing captions and highlighting. All this could be done prior to the image being saved on to your hard drive of the PC. After the image has been deemed good to go, you would be required to save it.

Screen video capturing

In case, a video has been worth your time and effort, Movavi makes it relatively easy to record video on your screen similar to capturing the desired image.

After choosing the desired area for recording, you have to click on the ‘REC’ button and start recording. You would be able to record the desired video, save it and share or watch it later.