Whether you’re an avid photographer or a complete amateur, it can help a lot to be able to edit your photos. In most cases despite your best efforts there are bound to be elements of your photo that are far from ideal, and sometimes people may wander into your shot while at others the lighting may be off, or you may not be able to frame it the way that you want to.

Despite the reputation of photo editing for being complicated and requiring a lot of experience, you’ll find Movavi Photo Editor for Mac to be none of those things. In fact if anything it is a simple, user-friendly and intuitive editor instead – that requires no prior experience or expertise.

Movavi Photo Editor for Mac Review 1The features in Movavi Photo Editor for Mac are all organized in a manner that should make it easy to find them in its clean and modern-looking interface. Via the tabs at the upper part of the interface you should be able to quickly find the type of features that you require and apply them to your photos.

As much as Movavi Photo Editor for Mac places a lot of emphasis on the user experience, it equally ensures that you will have all the features you need to edit your photos. With its features you will be able to edit photos just like a professional, and can use them to:

  • Enhance the quality of your photos by manually tweaking the color settings or using the automated ‘Magic Enhance’ tool.
  • Delete any objects, people or elements from your photos completely while ensuring no traces or imperfections remain.
  • Apply a wide range of artistic filters and effects to stylize your photos in various ways.
  • Remove the background from a photo to create a transparency or replace it with a different image.
  • Transform the frame of your photos by cropping, flipping, leveling, rotating or resizing them.
  • Add text and customize its style and appearance to create unique captions, titles, watermarks, and so on.
  • Touch up portraits with a wide range of tools including teeth whitening, blemish removal, digital makeup, wrinkle smoothening, and more.

Each and every one of the features described above can be accessed in just a few clicks, and applying them will often only require the most basic of actions. Honestly if you have a couple of minutes to spare you should be able to fully acquaint yourself with all the features in Movavi Photo Editor for Mac, while also learning exactly how each one of them works. Once you’ve done that, the only other thing you need is a little bit of creativity and you will be able to edit your photos to your heart’s content.