Whether you’re a keen diver or a complete beginner, you will be aware that there are some pieces of equipment that are absolutely vital when planning a dive. Although the main pieces of diving equipment – your regulator and tank, your fins and your mask – are all pretty obvious essentials that you can’t manage without when you’re diving, there are a number of other diving accessories which are must-haves too. Here are some of the less obvious items of diving equipment that you should definitely have in your dive kit the next time you head out to the water.

A Dive Slate

A dive slate is a writing pad for use underwater. You can easily write on it while you’re under the water then clean it ready for use on your next dive. Although hand signals are one way of communicating, a dive slate makes it much simpler to make it clear what you’re trying to say.

Lanyards And Clips

There are lots of different kinds of lanyards and clips out there on the market, and they’re an ideal way of keeping gauges firmly in place so you can easily reach them as well as keeping the hoses tidy and neat. You can also use clips to make sure your dive slate, flashlight and reels are secured so you don’t accidentally drop them while you’re underwater.

Spring Fin Straps

Although most fins come with straps, these often wear out and snap after being stepped on and over-tightened time and again. It can be difficult to adjust the straps and lock them in securely when wearing gloves so spring fin straps are the ideal solution. You can simply pull the strap over your heel with no need to adjust before diving.

Zip Tie Wraps

These adjustable plastic ties fasten tightly and are ideal for securing your regulator mouthpiece and your clip onto your gauge. There are numerous uses for zip ties, so always make sure you have plenty.

Comfort Mouthpiece

While your regulator comes with a standard mouthpiece, these are often too rigid or too large and are uncomfortable. A comfort mouthpiece is much easier to grip, sometimes even molding to your bite.

Exposure Suit Hanger

You may never have thought of investing in an exposure suit hanger, however they are the best way to dry your dry suit or wetsuit quickly. They also ensure that your suit won’t get damaged while it dries. You can also buy hangers for your gloves and booties.

Wetsuit Shampoo

Any diver knows that their wetsuit can start to smell after a while, especially if it’s been left in the dive bag for too long. However, a wetsuit shampoo designed specially for use on neoprene will remove the bacteria, algae, salt and chlorine for a fresh smelling wetsuit that is hygienic and lasts longer.

A Mask Defogger

Yes, you could always use your saliva to stop your mask from fogging up however this isn’t the most hygienic technique, especially if you’ve been eating! Instead, invest in some mask defogger as this can do the job on your behalf. It’s especially useful if you’re doing more than one dive in a day.

These are some of the key accessories that you should definitely consider investing in before your next dive. Although they aren’t as essential as your mask and regulator, they’re still important if you want to have the best possible experience under the water. For complete details about these and all other vital diving accessories and equipment you can contact your local PADI shop where you’ll find all of the information and advice that you could need.