Diabetes is a unusual condition in which the body fails in utilizing the glucose completely. Due to this, here is a rise in level of blood sugar. The reason of diabetes is lack of insulin or no insulin. Diabetes s seen common in people who are obese and lack in physical activities. There is no cure for this diabetes. Once the person gets diabetes, he will have to suffer for the whole life. The only thing that can be done is to control the glucose level in the blood. It is always better to go for natural treatments and home remedies. The natural and home remedies do not have any side effects and are also practically proven to be highly beneficial.

Some of the natural remedies are –

Methi/Fenugreek seeds:

Diabetes can be controlled by taking fenugreek seeds regularly. One can soak some seeds in a glass full of water for overnight. These seed soaked in water can be crushed and sieved from a fine cloth. Now, the mixture can be taken in the morning on an empty stomach.

Karela/Bitter gourd:

Karela is very effective in treating diabetes. One can take half cup of Karela juice daily to control blood sugar levels.

Neem and Bilva:

Neem and Bilva leaves also have many medical values which are very effective in controlling diabetes. Consuming the neem and bilva leaves in the morning. An effective and natural concoction for diabetes can be prepared by making a paste of the leaves. The mixture can be taken with water regularly, which controls diabetes easily.

Jarul and Banaba:

Banaba is an herbal plant which is seen rarely in India. It is grown in other nations, that too only a handful. The extracts of Banaba plant can be used to prepare herbal tea. The plant has high concentration of Corosolic acid which can stimulate faster glucose metabolism and regulates blood sugar. The herbal tea prepared from the plant is very useful for combating diabetes.


Almonds soaked in water for overnight can be taken with empty stomach in the morning. This is a practically proven natural remedy for diabetes.


One can eat chapattis made of wheat, barley and gram which has high content of fiber and is very useful in preventing diabetic condition. In this way, the fiber goes in to the body in natural form.

Physical exercise:

Morning and evening walk is very important for a diabetic person. Yogic asana like – shashank asana and pranayam are very effective in controlling diabetes. Working the muscles more often and making them work frequently improves the ability of muscles to use insulin more and absorb glucose. The physical activity puts more stress on the insulin making cells. But, people with diabetes must not do heavy workouts and exercises.

Other natural remedies:

Other natural herbs like – ginger, garlic and onion are the best options in curing diabetes. Consumption of Bengal gram also prevents diabetes. Soya bean is rich in proteins and minerals like – iron, vitamin and calcium which are quite effective in treating diabetes. Some natural juices are effective in controlling level of blood sugar, which can be fatal for diabetes. One can take grape juice or juice prepared from boiled mango leaves