The whole point of having a website is to get people to visit that site and hopefully you will have a lot of conversion if you are running a business, and make some money. Websites are not easy to set up and run so it can be quite a disappointment if there is not as much traffic coming to your website as you would have like.

It isn’t all that hard…

However, there is no need to despair. Most individuals and companies often realize that the reason they have not been getting enough traffic to their websites is due to a small factor they may have overlooked during the development phase. Therefore, it is relatively easy to get your hits from where they are to where you would like them to be.

Here’s what you do…

Here is a list of a few things you could do to improve your traffic:

  1. Get interactive

    Probably the reason that the hits are so few is that your site looks dead. If your site does not interact with your target demographic, why would people be interested in coming back or even referring others?

    What to do? Start forums on your site for clients to discuss your products and services and get in on the conversation. A live-chat is a must for any online business so that the visitors can get any help they would need from an actual person. Talk to your visitors as often as you can and they will come back because they felt welcome.

  2. Get visible

    These days everybody is on some form of social media platform or other. Even the Queen of England sent a tweet the other day. Therefore, if the Queen is on social media, you had better get on it. Create a Facebook page; get on Twitter, YouTube Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit and every other platform you can get on. Add a link to your websites on all the posts you put on these social media platforms and that should get you a lot of traffic. Remember to make the posts interesting.

  3. How do you look?

    Once all these people have come to your website, make it worth their while by making sure you design the site well. Create a design that appeals to your target demographic and is easy to navigate.

    Make sure to balance the text and the images so that you are not bombarding your clients with too much information at first glance or telling them nothing at all. You could start a podcast where you can share information with your visitors so that they can listen to you on the go.

  4. What are you saying?

    You have heard it said that content is king. That is no joke! Whether you are running a blog or simply talking about your product, you need to communicate in an effective and interesting way with your visitors.
    Speak (write) their ‘language’, make sure the length is reasonable and that you have said all you needed to. Make your articles shareable to increase interest in your website as well as tag them appropriately so that they can show up in searches.

A word to the wise

Now you can see how you can keep traffic flowing to your website. A word to wise: Avoid those traffic sellers that promise thousands of hits in minutes and never spam. You will last longer in this business.