Apple is the most reputed brand name from quite a many years. The Apple iPad reviews have time and again proved to be consistent of good words. Apple tablets have always bombarded us with such unique technology that we couldn’t have possibly imagined.

And continuing that legacy they have come up with a brand new fruit from its orchid, the new iPad. It’s packed with the most stunning retina display ever, along with 5MP iSight camera and uber-cool ultra-fast wireless to boast of as well. Of course this is not it, the New Apple iPad has A5X chip (Apple A5 and A5X are systems-on-a-chip (SoCs) designed by Apple Inc. and fabricated by Samsung to replace the good old Apple A4). And all the New Apple iPad price is Rs.30,500 approximately.

Now coming on to the raving part of the new Apple iPad in town, the Retina Display. It boasts of four times more pixels than iPad 2. That simply means an even better screen resolution and almost life-like and perfectly detailed picture quality. The retina display on the iPad provides a 2048×1536 resolution and 44 percent greater colour saturation and adding to it are the astounding 3.1 million pixels and that to in the same 9.7 inch screen space. And if that doesn’t ring a bell, well this might, the kind of resolution mentioned is 4 times the pixels in iPad 2 and a whooping million more than HDTV!

And just when you thought that the 5 MP camera isn’t sufficient, the new iSight camera is designed with advanced optics and a backside illumination sensor that captures stunning pictures, weather in a dim light setting or a candle light situation. The built-in face detection of course helps in balancing focus and exposure and your dreams of gorgeous photo shoots and video’s (1080p HD video) will be true with clarity like never before.

Apart from the regular things which we expect from an Apple, a new feature allows to use the iPad from the exact page where u left it at, and each time you press the home button or open the smart cover it’s ready to go, instantly.

The main problem which we all face with advanced machinery is low battery life. With the new iPad which features the Retina display one would think that it means sucking out more power and shorter battery span, but, No, it does not affect the battery life. The battery life is such that you can use it for 10 straight hours to read, watch, play or write all you want.

Now, coming to connectivity? To shock us further, the new iPad provides the most comprehensive support for fast networks around the world. What’s more? It’s designed with mobile antennas that access a greater and speedy frequency spectrum, which means, just pop in a local Sim-card and you are ready to go!