There were new listings popping up in the system for the sale of the new PlayStation that Sony planned to release by September 7th, 2016.

On hearing the news about the rumors about the PlayStation being listed on Gumtree, the leading gaming company Eurogamer sent out an investigation team from their side to verify whether the listing was fake or real. And to their surprise the product in the listing was real model. The main reason for the surprise was the availability of a genuine model in the listing for sale even before the official launch of the system. The ad that was put on the listing post seemed a real one and was one month earlier before its official release. The images that were put on the post show that the product is a legitimate one. They have even posted that they have the stock on the system that is not yet available at the stores, so it shows that the sellers are unaware of the situation.

Consoles for sale- eBay listing

After the listing of the PS4 Slim on Gumtree, many more consoles of the new PS4 Slim were listed in the online marketplace, eBay before the official launch of the model of the company. Earlier, the gaming website lead with a special team to investigate whether the product was bogus or not, and to their shock, the product seemed to be real and now, when there is more listing of the product in eBay, the officials are worried to see that system have been distributed to many sellers across the United Kingdom. The listing of the new PS4 Slim that was posted on the online marketplace eBay shows that they are from Leicester, London, Glasgow and Manchester.

One of the listings on the online marketplace shows the item specifications that include the condition, color, manufacturer warranty, features, EAN code, EAN, Brand, Type, MPN, Platform, Model and Hard drive capacity, below the specifications the seller has reported that it is a genuine product that is in good working condition. This shows that the unit has been caught by many people and it is still an enigma that the unit is available in many cities in the UK. The video game site, Kotaku contacted with many of the owners of the new PS4 Slim to find loop holes regarding the leak of the new model. They even contacted some of the buyers who bought the new PlayStation to know the whereabouts of the product; one buyer said they bought it from Gumtree, while another person said that they bought it from a worker from the factory, people are also aware of the fact that the PlayStations are manufactured in a small village that is situated on the out skirts of Northampton.

An upgraded launch of the PS by Sony

In the PlayStation meeting, the multinational telecommunication company announced that the PS4 will be ruling the market from September 15th, 2016. The price of the PS4 was also officially released which costs two hundred and fifty nine pounds in the United Kingdom, while it costs two hundred and ninety nine pounds in the European Union and the United States of America. It will be powerful as the original PS4, but apart from supporting 2.4GHz the console of the new PS4 supports both the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz wireless bands. This shows that the upload and download speed is much faster than its earlier version.

According the official packaging of the new PS4, it is VR ready and it means that the when it comes to the VR PlayStation, one can plug in and start playing the games.

PS4 Slim gets a sleeker look

The new PS4 Slim is similar to its earlier version, PS3 Slim. The 500GB leaner version of the console does not have some of the features, but some say that it has made it more exciting. The new version is leaner and handy when compared to its older version and it has replaced the 2 tone matte and glossy finish of the older version and is fully matte finished. The sharp angled edges of the previous are modified into smooth rounded edges, making it more compatible with the cable box. The factory made new model is 11 inches long and 10 inches wide and is 1.5 inches tall, on the whole the newer version is only 1 inch narrower and 1.5 inch shorter than the its original version.

There other minor changes in the system are the 2 frontal USB slots are shifted to other locations, where one of the slots is pushed to front face of the console and the other slot is moved next to the disk drive at the far left corner. And the physical power label has a small switch has a near invisible, tiny icon as the eject button that prevents the user from switching the on/off button of the system at inopportune times.

When it comes to performance, the new PS4 Slim possesses the similar kind of graphics power and processing power and in the case of the DVD movie playback, disc based games or Blu ray the system runs quieter than its big brother. The system’s cooling power is similar to its predecessor, after a small playing session the system seems to be warm at the bottom of the unit and on top.

No significant improvements

When the new model has minor changes and modifications, the system, however disappoints the users because the optical audio out port that was at the rear end of the console was removed. This particular port was used by almost all the higher end headphone makers in the market like the Astro, Tritton and others to hook up with the Dolby digital mix and amp with the PS4. Therefore, if the user wishes to setup a high end audio quality system with disturbing others, the new model is a big no. However, when you take a closer look at the new model, the modification is not mainly pertaining to the system, but the difference is on the Dual shock 4 that is added in the unit. Instead of using the wireless, a new feature is included in the unit; it is a controller data support that is sent directly to the USB port. In the touch panel, a light strip is embedded that mirrors the brightness and the color of light bar that is facing outwards, this feature makes it easy to see.

Product before its official launch

The new PlayStation 4 Slim was available on the online marketplace, even before its official launch and the product were also bought by many buyers. The new model of the PS4 was bought for three hundred pounds in Gumtree and later the product was also available on the eBay’s list. The bidding prices of the consoles were from four hundred pound to five hundred pounds even before many people who were waiting to make their first bid. The product was sold with successful sales of prices that ranged from two hundred and fifty pounds to four hundred pounds. However the company announced that they will launch the new PS4 Slim on September 7th, 2016 even after a chaos.