It is widely accepted that employees operate more efficiently and effectively if they like their working environments. This is one of the reasons why it is so important for bosses to think carefully about the sort of office space they choose.

Thankfully for companies, it is now straightforward to search for working premises over the web. However, it seems as though things are going wrong for some businesses. According to research conducted by StepStone and totaljobs.com, many employees in the UK suffer from a poor working atmosphere.

Some stats

Of the individuals polled for the study, 46 per cent stated that their working atmosphere was “bad” and “mostly disappointing”. The problem is not unique to Britain. The research also revealed that 48 per cent of Danish workers expressed this belief, while 40 per cent of Austrian employees and 35 per cent of Belgium workers did likewise.

On the other hand, 31 per cent of Dutch employees said that their working environments were “great” and that their offices motivated them every day. Nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of the French and Swiss respondents expressed the same opinion, along with 22 per cent of Swedish workers.

Keeping personnel motivated and happy

Responding to the findings, website director at totaljobs.com John Salt said:

“The working environment is very important – people are spending more and more time in the office. With increasing numbers of people able to work on the go, employers must give staff the flexibility to choose the working environment they find most inspiring. For those in the office, a tidy and comfy space with a few perks, like flexitime, will help keep people motivated and happy.”

He went on to advise people looking for new jobs to check out the offices of the firms they apply to as well as the job specifications. Mr Salt noted that functioning in a good environment can improve individuals’ quality of work and boost job satisfaction.

An important decision

Given the considerable impact working spaces can have on people’s ability to perform, and the effect they have on the recruitment and retention of personnel, it is important that bosses choose their premises wisely. Luckily, it is now easy for managers to search online for office space to rent.

When perusing their options, companies must think carefully about a range of issues. For example, it is vital that firms do not exceed their budgets. Large and luxurious working areas may be tempting, but businesses should ensure that they select premises that meet rather than exceed their requirements.

Location is another crucial consideration. Workers must have easy access to business premises, and the same applies to any clients and other parties who will visit.The length of leases is also something for bosses to pay keen attention to. Ideally, they should avoid long agreements as these can place unnecessary pressure on companies and they can lead to a host of problems. By opting for short-term leases, firms can ensure that they benefit from added flexibility.