Remember the days when a kitchen used to be a traditional setting where there was no room for any technology? This is changing quickly, and the kitchen is heading towards becoming a technology hub. A key reason for this change is due to kitchen appliances undergoing a revolutionary transformation.

Smart assistance features

Newer appliances such as washers and dryers now come up with remote start and pause options. Modern refrigerators feature smart assistance options such as Vacation Assistant that sends alerts to the owner when one is not at home, Remote Temperature Set Assistant that allows one to set temperature remotely, and Filter Assistant that provides indication on when it is time to replace the filter. Remote control locks and energy rate revealers are available in some dishwashers. Newer washers offer Fan Fresh option with dynamic venting technology, while dryers offer features such as moisture sensing, steam-enhanced cycles, and wrinkle shield options. Modern ventilation systems are equipped with heat sensor technology to automatically turn on ventilation.

Energy efficiency

Modern appliances are now becoming more energy efficient. Newer brand of refrigerators, washers, and dryers are now coming up with Energy Star certification, which typically results in 20-30 percent less energy than federal standard according to Atlas Appliances Ltd., a company that sells and provides refrigerator repairs in Calgary.

Optimized space

New appliances arrange their space efficiently. Newer refrigerators are becoming more spacious, with french door bottom-freezer refrigerators gaining more popularity because of the large space as well as convenience to use. Oversize refrigerators exceeding 9.6 feet are also coming into market.

Wave-Touch control

Many appliances now come up with Wave-Touch control, which is a newer way of activating the controls using the touch of a finger. These control panels are largely hidden, and hence the appliance would look elegant and new even after several years of use.

Other technologies

Wine coolers are now getting a makeover with ultra violet filtered glass doors and luxury-glide shelves. Newer trash compactors also feature anti-jam and quiet pack sound conditioning technology. Dishwashers are also undergoing revolutionary transformation. Newer appliances now come up with antimicrobial component protection. A new type of wash system called CleanPlate, which uses high pressure water flow to remove stuck food items, is becoming a norm in the modern dishwashers. Newer refrigerators are coming up with multi-flow shower cooling system for uniform cold air circulation, and SuperFreeze system for quickly balancing the temperatures between newly placed and frozen items.

In summary, technology advancement in kitchen appliances is helping the kitchen to move from a traditional setting to a technology hub. Newer kitchen appliances are quieter and easier to maintain. The net effect of technology is that it helps to improve efficiency, safety, convenience, durability, and make the kitchen look luxurious and grand.