The aesthetic appeal of a kitchen design often comes from a variety of patterns, textures, materials, and colors. Although in the past the go-to color for most homeowners is white or a wooden finish, nowadays, more people are drawn to bold colors or distinctive color combinations for their kitchens.

The kitchen area is becoming a preferred place to showcase colors in your household. That’s why you should know the various color trends that you can apply for your kitchen today. Here’s a list that can help you for that purpose.

Deep Blue and Sky Blue

This color combination is one of the best that you can create for your kitchen area, and this color blend is ideal for a high-ceilinged kitchen.

To achieve this color combination, you can paint the deep blue color on the kitchen island because it’s the most prominent part of your kitchen. Doing this will surely make your kitchen island stand out as it contrasts the white ceiling. Then you can apply the sky blue hues on the cabinets to define the boundary of the area.

You can also choose to have a wooden finish for the flooring to balance with the stainless steel kitchen appliances.

White and Leaf Green

You can make your kitchen island the center of attraction in your crisp white kitchen if you opt for a vibrant leaf green for it. To make it more aesthetically appealing, it’s advisable that you cover the ceiling with custom-painted canvas that has white and green features.

Gold Accents

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If you want to create a kitchen area that’s luxurious and elegant, then gold accents will be the best color scheme that you can have.

Gold is among the top color trends for the kitchen nowadays. You can have a gold mosaic wallpaper that resembles an artwork in your white kitchen area. It will be all the more special if you have stainless steel kitchen appliances.

Gray and Beige (Greige)

Greige is a portmanteau for the colors gray and beige. This color scheme is a safe choice to apply for your kitchen because it’s modern and neutral in its features. It creates a relaxing atmosphere, and it’s easy to use when you opt for a mix-match of your furniture and kitchen appliances.

You can apply the greige color to your kitchen cabinets for you to have elegance and sophistication in your kitchen.

Jewel Tones

Just imagine having a purple or violet accents and dark sleek counters in your off-white kitchen. Isn’t it a wonderful picture? Jewel tones are ideal if you want to produce a bold statement in your kitchen area. Aside from that, it’s also a rich and elegant color that can transform your kitchen into a center of attraction in your home.

Jewel tones also blend perfectly with stainless steel kitchen appliances. This kitchen color scheme will continue in its popularity as people are finding new styles other than the neutral ones.

Bright Red

Kitchens that have a bright red color as its main feature are popular today because they don’t only accentuate a bold design, but they also work as an appetite stimulant. You can apply red to your kitchen walls that harmonize with white cabinets to create a classic look to your kitchen.

Burnt Orange

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Burnt orange is among the bold colors that are trendy today. You can paint your kitchen cabinets or kitchen island with this color to coordinate with your silver, black, or white appliances.

It also gives a unique appearance, especially if you have a white kitchen backsplash and counters. If you want a burnt orange color scheme for your kitchen, you can hire renovation experts from organizations like home renovations Melbourne.


It’s essential that you consider the primary color of your kitchen because it’s the one feature that can provide it with a stylish look. There are several trends in kitchen color schemes today that you can choose to make your kitchen aesthetically appealing. The things mentioned in this article will be a big help for that purpose.