Foodie (noun): An aficionado of food and drink; A person who loves to study, prepare and eat amazing food.

We all love food–some more than others.

However, there are some individuals who see food as more than just a source of nourishment. They see food beyond something that has nutritional value, they see it as a way of life and how they enjoy it clearly defines their dining experience. To them, food is beyond the parameters of what we can eat, rather it is about having passion and excitement for it. In this regard, foodies are quite a rare breed and finding yourself in the presence of one is such a delight. Being a foodie does not only connote one’s enjoyment, but rather one’s active pursuit of it in ways more than just eating it. This can mean a range of things from an individuals natural proclivity for enhancing a particular food’s flavor, an inclination for food preparation and a penchant for food related activities such as food trips in Pampanga. So, if you find yourself dating a foodie, what should you do? Well, know that foodies are not just about satisfying your hunger or your sense of taste. It is about seeking out fresh and new food experiences–whether that may be trying out taste sensations they never had before or revisiting some of their favorite meals back when they were a child. To them, eating is more than just a necessary act but rather an adventure. In this regard, you can expect to have a whole range of new experiences just from dating one.

“Food is our common ground. Our universal experience”
-James Beard

So, if you will ever have the pleasure of dating a foodie, here are some of the things you should know:

1.) Boxed meals are absolute no-nos

Foodies think food that comes out of a box are just basically being lazy. To some, it might even feel like cheating–especially if this boxed food comes with all the chemicals that keep it from getting rotten. However, there is one known exception–and that is pizza because really, since when was pizza ever bad? In any case, just try to steer clear from boxed and microwaveable grocery food when you are dating a foodie inclined individual.

2.) Chips and dips are too basic as party food

To most of us, chips and dips are a staple in every party we attend or throw. However, to foodies, this is just unacceptable. This is not to say that they are being snobs or fastidious, but rather they see parties as an avenue to explore extraordinary eats. In this regard, you can expect some out-of-the-ordinary food choices if you were to attend a party hosted by a foodie and believe us when we say that you will be going home very much fed and satisfied.

3.) You can expect to know a lot of food jargon

One of the inevitable consequences of dating a foodie is picking up their language as well. No doubt, they would be spending most of their free time looking up new recipes and inventive ways to recreate old ones. Moreover, their TV diet would mostly consist of food related entertainment or cooking shows. As a result, you would learn a whole new vocabulary dedicated to the world of food and cooking. From gastronomy terms to simple culinary ones, the experience can be quite educational.

4.) You will most probably gain weight

This should go without saying, but more often than not, dating a foodie means that you will inevitably gain weight. However, that is not such a bad thing as you can get to have a range of dining and food experiences as well. Apart from being your partner’s guinea pig for his or her food creations, you will also be constrained to eat at new restaurants your foodie partner wants to try. It is not all that bad, just think of the excess weight as love handles.

5.) They are almost always thinking about food

Most foodies are of the belief that a meal is a terrible thing to waste. With this in mind, they wish for their every meal to be as memorable as their last. So, do not be surprised if your foodie partner is thinking about what to have for lunch or dinner as early as breakfast time. They might be eating now, but they want to plan their meals strategically and accurately–especially when the both of you are traveling.