If you work in an office, you can almost guarantee that you’ll use a computer at some point. It could be to send messages to employees and customers, or you might use a computer to keep track of the inventory and other aspects of the business. Whether you’re at the computer for a few minutes at a time every day or a few hours, there is a chance that you’ll suffer from the glare of the screen, deteriorating the health of the eyes.


This is the main issue that people see when they sit in front of a computer for hours on end. The screen is already bright enough. While you’re in an office, you have overhead lights on as well as natural light coming through windows. This serves as the perfect storm for an intense glare from the screen. Close the blinds, dim the lights, and consider adjusting the brightness on the screen so that it’s not as high. You can use fewer bulbs or get bulbs for the office that have a dimmer appearance when they are used. Turn the computer so that the windows are to the side instead of directly in front of the screen. Floor lamps are ideal for the office as they offer an indirect light.

Eye Examinations

Make sure you visit an eye doctor, like the professionals at All About Eyes, if you have any issues that arise while using the computer. The eye care professional can examine the eyes to see if there is any damage that has already been done. If there has been, then the proper tools, such as glasses or contacts, can be ordered to help you see while you’re in front of the computer. Some glasses have a tinted lens which can help with the glare that you get from the computer. You need to tell the doctor how often you are in front of the computer to help determine who long you need to wear glasses during the day.

Adjusting Display Settings

You might not think about changing the display settings on the computer, but when you do, you’ll see a big difference. Change the brightness so that it’s the same as the environment around the computer. Adjust the size of the font so that you aren’t squinting to see what you type. You can reduce the color temperature so that less blue light is emitted.

Working at a computer in an office is something that you usually can’t get around. Adjust the lighting in the room to decrease the glare from the screen. If there are issues, seek help immediately so that you don’t completely ruin your eyesight.